All-American Murder


Action / Horror / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 24%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 1140


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Ford Austin as Biff the Fratboy
Charlie Schlatter as Artie Logan
Kimberly Scott as Cheerleader
Richard Kind as Lou Alonzo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 8 / 10

All American original- thank you Potsie

Here's a thriller which stands completely alone, with great casting and a great twist. And we have the charismatic and handsome rebel, Schlatter, who this time, receives a much higher education, he didn't want. One involving survival. The new kid at school, and falling head over heels for the most popular girl, hot Bissett, he soon becomes the prime suspect in her murder, her burning and charred remains at the campus's footsteps. Walken is fun as narcissistic detective , only one of 2, who believes Schlatter to be innocent, where soon, lone investigator Schlatter, becomes in over his head as acquaintances, like the hot Cassidy he beds, are taken out, so who is the killer. All American Murder is a really fun thriller and juicy entertainment, where an unclad Bissett, makes us see how sexy she really is., with our feasting vision. A couple of red herrings, not enough thrown in, AAM is a low key thriller, but it works, due to Schlatter's charismatic and enthusiastic performance, the film opening up, with such a weird amusing scene or more correctly WTF scene. Good music too, showing the 90's up, for what they were. Some nasty gore too

Reviewed by mtckoch 9 / 10

College can really burn you up

All-American Murder seems to be your average college slasher/thriller, but it actually is quite entertaining. Sure, the plot is maze like, but that is what mysteries are. This managed to be dark without being suffocated, and sinister without being nasty. As I first watched this, the questions started. Why was the poor girl burned, instead of a quieter, less attention attracting death? Who hated the kid enough to frame him? How did all the blackmail, adultery, and depravity occur at a "good" college? All these were answered if not amazingly, at least well. Rather than leave us hanging, the suspense actually ramps to the climax. Which leads to my final point. The motivation of the killer actually makes sense, in a twisted way. Too many films like this seem to have someone kill for the thrill of it, and since this one doesn't, I give it serious applause. Also, the protagonist actually has some heart, always a plus. See this if you want a good, modern whodunit with a eighties- early nineties feel.

Reviewed by adamgutterman 8 / 10

Good movie... Definitely NOT deserving the negative comments I've been reading here

Listen, I've seen this movie a hundred times, showing it to friends and family as a lark. It's a hilarious buddy-movie/murder-mystery with witty, punny-yet-intelligent dialog ala Clue. No, there's nothing groundbreaking here, and the production values are what you would expect from something that, I believe, went straight to video. But why should that matter? This film is completely unpredictable, and has such classic lines as "The dean has knocked off more undergraduates than Kent State." (Hilarious, if you know some basic American history and get the double-ententre.) Most movies these days require that even simple verisimilitude fly out the window, so suspend disbelief, enter with no expectation, and enjoy. It'll keep you guessing, and laughing, until the very end.

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