Body of Lies


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Leonardo DiCaprio as Roger Ferris
Oscar Isaac as Bassam
Annabelle Wallis as Hani's Girlfriend in Bar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EUyeshima 6 / 10

Intense Political Thriller Takes More Cues from Hollywood than the Current Middle East Crisis

The craftsmanship behind director Ridley Scott's 2008 convulsive political thriller is impressive, but having acts of terrorism drive an intentionally labyrinth plot reveals how they impede the story structurally, an insurmountable barrier that screenwriter William Monahan ("The Departed") can't seem to overcome. The movie's first half is all the more bewildering for all the double-crosses and cover-ups that serve to set up the central situation. Based on Washington Post columnist David Ignatius' 2007 novel, the movie focuses on embedded CIA operative Roger Ferris who is on an undercover assignment to hunt an Al-Qaeda terrorist leader named Al-Saleem. Ferris is not entirely alone as he is connected via cell phone with his stateside boss Ed Hoffman, who is the head of the CIA's Near East division and directs Ferris toward life-threatening tasks in a most nonchalant manner from his upscale suburban home.

The plot's impetus is driven by the elusive Al-Saleem's unblinking series of suicide bombings in Europe in response to the invasion by US and UK troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The movie gets more interesting when Ferris decides to work with Jordanian intelligence director Hani Salaam, an erudite, enigmatic figure who is well entrenched in the Middle East militia and appears to take a page from Mario Puzo's "The Godfather" when it comes to loyalty and betrayal. Of course, it's a matter of course that Ferris' loyalty is tested when an elaborate plan is hatched to create a bogus competing terrorist group and use an unwitting Dubai architect as the head. The other complicating factor is that Ferris has fallen for pretty Iranian nurse Aisha when he gets treated for possible rabies at a clinic. It becomes inevitable that she also becomes a pawn in the political intrigue. Scott paints his canvas with a lot of graphic violence from large-scale bombings to more intimate acts of torture.

All of the external elements are fitting, but they can't seem to masquerade the convoluted and often cliché-ridden plot at the film's core. A solid cast goes a long way to compensate for the plot holes. As Ferris, Leonardo DiCaprio applies his trademark wiry energy to an intensely compelling performance that could have shown a bit more variety. Adding fifty belly-stretching pounds to his frame, Russell Crowe, Scott's favorite leading man ("Gladiator", "American Gangster", "A Good Year"), plays the Arkansan Hoffman as a scene-stealing character part. The irony is that the Australian actor's Southern accent is more convincing than DiCaprio's. Their antagonistic interplay, played out mostly on the phone, is rather predictably developed. Fetching Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani provides gratefully calm relief to the ongoing mayhem as Aisha, although her character comes across as a mere plot device. There is a nicely fractious dinner table scene with Ferris and her judgmental older sister, although the movie plays down the more human-size hostilities in favor of the pyrotechnics.

As Hani, Mark Strong ("Sunshine", "Stardust") leaves the most vivid impression of the cast but for the most old-fashioned of cinematic reasons - he plays what could be a villainous figure as a suave, mysterious man of honor who is completely on top of his job, an intentional counterpoint, at least physically, to Crowe's slovenly Hoffman. The film's resolution defies credibility, but it finally becomes clear that Monahan is not interested in exposing the factors that have driven the Middle East political maelstrom into acts of escalating terrorism. Rather, his screenplay shows that testosterone-driven Hollywood-style entertainment can take place anywhere.

Reviewed by Thury-Goodwe 10 / 10

Decade 2000'S Most Underrated Movie and Among Ridley Scott's Best Feature Films

LEONARDO DICAPRIO was brilliant in this movie and he was ably supported by Russell Crowe.Mark Strong was strong(no pun intended) in the few scenes he was featured.The Thing that I like most about this film is its realism.The story was something i felt i have already seen before but quite interesting to follow. CIA tries to take down a terrorist leader.. action / drama and thriller moments mixed to a enjoyable movie. There are quite many things to keep track so pay extra attention to the story. Overall a well done movie.With fantastic editing and a well-structured story, Body of Lies is a dark, gritty, and complex spy thriller.Leonardo DiCaprio plays a CIA agent undercover in the Middle East, gathering intelligence on an Al-Qaida terrorist network, negotiating and double crossing with both the Jordanian security service and his CIA superior (a very snaky Russell Crowe). There's quite a lot to take in during the early stages of this movie and there's some well staged action scenes.

Reviewed by markymark70 5 / 10

Too Complicated and dull for my liking

Political thrillers are not really my bag to be honest - I watch them but do I enjoy them? Not really. So it needs to be a very special type of movie for me to give it the thumbs up. Body of Lies is not that special.

DiCaprio is a good actor - you have to give him that - but I am not so sure about all his film choices. Of course he ain't gonna get them all right so I need to give him some slack - but this one falls on the wrong side. He plays a CIA man in the Middle-East and essentially his plot point boils down to him on the trail of a hard to find terrorist bad guy. There are other complications in his way of course - explosions, double-crosses, car-chases and even love - and the plot permeates through all these items slowing everything down to a grinding halt.

Crowe plays a soccer dad, CIA HQ man calling the shots from his earpiece, computers and satellite imagery. Neither Crowe nor DiCaprio do a bad job per se - but their very limited shared screen time bogs the film down. To be honest the whole thing is too complicated, too complex and - a word NO film-maker wants to hear said about his movie - dull. The plot is hard to follow and I felt myself looking at the movie and watching it for what it was - but not really understanding what the hell was going on? Throw in some Arabic dialogue and hey presto - total confusion.

There is one good thing to come out of this though - Mark Strong's performance as Hani Salaam is impressive. His scenes with DiCaprio are - for me - the highlight of the movie and his dark, polite yet menacing presence throughout the film is testament to his fine acting. I've never heard of this guy before, but he looks like one to watch. Overall - the complex nature of the plot means there are a few scenes thrown in here that practically explain to the audience what is going on. This - although required as I guess half the audience won't know what the hell is going on - further slows everything down and looks contrived. Even DiCaprio himself looked like a guy playing the scene against his better judgement. In the end Body of Lies is a messy affair that turns into an uninteresting, muddled, tedious couple of hours. It's always a bad sign when you just want the film to end - and the sooner the better. The ending by the way is pure Hollywood - contrived and a nick-of-time rescue thrown in for good measure.

Scott too has to take a lot of the blame here - after all he is both producer and director. His flashy style gets a little tiresome after a while and even though he is a world away from his brother Tony's quick-cut editing, he seems to be getting closer to him rather than further away. Although the production values are spot on, the locales suitably impressive and authentic - the formula for these type of movies lends itself to global manipulation of governments and also grandiose, complex plots thus dragging the enjoyment factor way down.

Body of Lies is a quickly forgettable film. 5/10.

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