Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 25915


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Rinska Carrasco as Jimenez' Girlfriend
Tom Holland as Cherry
Michael Gandolfini as Cousin Joe
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Drill Sgt Deco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DeBBss 7 / 10

Improves With Each Act

Cherry was such a strange watch for me. For the most part, the film was a 5/10. I was generally uninterested for the most part; but then the third act happened. The film spent so much time developing the characters and relationships, and when everything came together, it was just great cinema. The pacing was iffy, it was rather quick in the war portion of the film, but then slowed a lot in the third act. I think that when the film was finally doing what it was supposed to do, it was at its best. And the amazing soundtrack gets played so much more at the end; seriously, the soundtrack carried a lot in this movie.

The acting was flawless too. I never really took Tom Holland seriously as an actor until I saw Cherry. He's got tons of talent and I'm looking forward for what he's got next. The makeup was also very well done. When you pair great makeup and great acting, you get a level of realism that's just unnerving to watch. Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo genuinely look sickly, and it really shows you the horrors of addiction and PTSD.

Overall, I think this is a film that you have to watch for yourself. Some might really hate it, others might really like it. It does get a little hard to watch at times, because of its 2hr20min runtime, but I think it was well worth it.

Reviewed by kevin-oconnell-953-202334 10 / 10


Powerful, emotional, raw, real, and very very well done. This movie doesn't push a feel good narrative but instead explores the reality of many American lives. It highlights the need in our nation for mental health, for our Veterans, and people struggling with addiction. It's incredible. I grew up in a city like the one depicted in this film, in Ohio. Heck, it may as well have been shot on my street. The feeling of no other option but addiction, military, crime, is all very real in those places.

Tom Holland performs on such a high level. His performance hits deep in my soul and very close to home in many moments. It's hard to remember that he's an English actor and not from the USA.

The Russo brothers did an incredible job.

The music is insanely well done and learning that most was made just for this movie is very impressive.

The use of light and shadow throughout the film was beautifully done.

Reviewed by tiberiugeorge 10 / 10

Tom performance is an oscar potential!

No words needed, just enjoy this masterpiece!






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