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Comedy / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 2007


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Doug Drucker as Tattooed Junkie
Veronika Dash as Officer Finley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by draikinator 10 / 10

I loved this movie!

So, I saw this movie on Netflix today, and while I was checking an actor on IMDb I noticed the low rating, which had me worried... but by the end of the film I was utterly dumbfounded BY that low rating. This movie was so enjoyable! At no point did I think to myself "Oh, I didn't like that."

This was not a comedy that got a lot of big laughs from me- but I was always smiling. It wasn't a big show of making me laugh, it just made me enjoy it. I loved the casual jokes from Stan, I loved the way everything tied together so well, I loved the weird and quirky ensemble and I loved how LONG the set up was and how I really got to get involved with every character by the time the danger set in. And on that note, I noticed something I hadn't in a long time- genuine concern for a characters safety! In an odd, roundabout way, it did something so many horror movies have spectacularly failed to do. Because the characters made me laugh, made me happy, I had an emotional connection to them, and I was WORRIED they might die! When I watch a horror movie, I'm generally so uninvested in the characters I forget which ones HAVE already died.

This movie had good, smart humour with likable characters and a fun and interesting premise. I liked every second of it, it never felt too much or too little. It was a damn good movie and I would 100% see a sequel.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 8 / 10

Your father wants you to know he loves you

Lewis (Jon Heder/Napoleon Dynamite) owns a copy shop and wants to hunt ghosts. His best friend Stan (David Krumholtz) believes his girlfriend Pam was abducted by aliens because she left him at the altar...why else would she not show? They get wind that on old barn may be haunted and they decide to go investigate. Lewis recruits his nephew Zak (Paul W. Downs) a techno-weenie who arranges a five-finger borrowing of equipment. The get caught by mall cop Ross (Justin Long) who they convince to join them. Ellie (Melonie Diaz) invites herself along and Victoria the psychic (Amy Sedaris) is invited....and she knew she was going to be invited.

The film had a few good laughs, but was mostly smile funny. It is a refreshing alternative to the multitude of hand held ghost hunter films out there. The twist I had suspected when the old man came into the copy shop which may say too much about myself.

Was that a Geiger counter Ellie was using to chase ghosts? Guide: F-word. no sex or nudity. Worst "Dream Weaver" sing-along/karaoke in a movie to date. Comedy not horror.

Reviewed by Mirm83 7 / 10

Worth a watch, should have a higher rating

I was not expecting much at all from this movie, but was pleasantly surprised. This movie did not make me burst out laughing or fall out of my seat in terror, but it kept me thoroughly engaged for the full duration. It may be feel mildly warm, happy, and sometimes anxious.

I was left with the feeling that this movie was exactly as it was meant to be, a throwback to cheesy horror of the nineties, with a lot of heart. If you've never been on a lame ghost hunt with your friends before, you may not get it. But for those of us who remember poking around in attics, researching old houses on microfilm at the library, ouija boards and candles, and just getting plain scared with your friends, then you will understand this movie, even if the characters are a little old for that stuff.

This movie never attempts to fall back on lame jokes to force a laugh, like the Seth Rogan over-used brand of weed and butt one- liners. It could have but didn't, and I was so appreciative of that.

5 stars for not being a movie for which I would have to make fun of my boyfriend for thinking it was a good idea to watch on a date. 1 star for characters who never become disassociated killers, even under stress. 1 star for the laid back and realistic ending.

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