Grave Robbers

1989 [SPANISH]

Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Mexican grue.

Ruben Galindo's "Grave Robbers" tells the tale of an undead axe-wielding Satanist brought back by young grave robbers.An undead satanic priest is released from his chains of death.And he is thirsty for blood!The gore flows freely as hatchet wielding zombie butchers his victims.Atmospheric and pulpy Mexican shocker with plenty of blood and several very gory death scenes.The hooded monk is a pretty creepy killer who truly enjoys spilling blood for example a face is shoved into a metal railing and a hand is bursting through a terrified grave robber's stomach."Grave Robbers" is a highly entertaining and fast-paced slasher flick with cob-webs,old abandoned houses and spooky graves.8 out of 10.

Reviewed by alvinllo 9 / 10

More Screams and Blood than any Friday the 13th flick

First let me say the video cover does NOT do justice to this horror flick, plus it is advertised as action! So if you come across this one and are a fan of slashers, pick it up and rent it.

Some years ago an evil monk tried to sacrifice a village woman, but the other monks stop him before he can finish. Fast-forward to current times, a bunch of young grave robbers make their way to the evil monk's crypt, they steal some jewels and take an ax off his body resurrecting him. Meanwhile in town, the sheriff's daughter is leaving for the woods for a weekend with her girlfriends.

Forty minutes into the movie, all hell breaks loose as the evil monk chops his way through most of the cast. No one is safe as body parts are chopped off. The last 30 minutes are pure non-stop mayhem.

There is no nudity, just Edna Bolkan in her underwear. But plenty of screams and blood.

Reviewed by JimSthers 10 / 10

The best Slasher Film from Mexico from the 1990's!!!!!

This movie is populated by gorgeous women, young men, extremely gory effects, good acting. I just love it. In this movie 3 grave robbers and their girlfriends steal the jewels from a serial killer/zombie and after that its nothing but mayhem as this zombie kills, kills and kills. This has a large body count and you actually see the victims getting the classic ax inthe head, head choppings, limbs chopping, guts scquashed out with a bare hand, etc... I highly reccommend this gem.

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