Hail the Judge

1994 [CN]



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Collin Chou as Shang Wai
Stephen Chow as Pao Lung-Sing
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nyk2000my 10 / 10

totally absolutely ultimately 1000 times more ridiculous than any film that u can imagine!!!

I felt sorry enough that this film is not popular at all even in Hong Kong. However, for all die hard Chow's fan, this will be a masterpiece that shud not b left out. This is "Mo Lei Tou" (a comedy style that based on unrealistic and ridiculous plot pioneered by Chow) at its peak. The plot is totally absolutely ultimately 1000 times more ridiculous than any film that u can imagine. The dialog is awesome. No single part of the film cool down for u to stop laughing.

The plot look simple but crazy enuf for u to start laughing. It begin with Chow starring a junior magistrate (a corrupted one of course)caught into jail when helping an innocent married woman he love at first sight to clear her from a murder charge that plot by evil minister whose son was actually the real convict. Chow escape from jail and run away as a refugee. He intend to go to the capital to see the Emperor and report the conviction. On his way, he manage to pick up 2 lovely women, one from circus, another one a prostitute while in the mean time mastering supreme skill to quarrel and bad mouth from the thin Mama-san (who happen to be his future in law). Finally, he able to force the Emperor to re-open the case by black mail the Emperor whom he meet him in the brothel. The Emperor made him a highest level judge to judge the case tgt with the evil minister. He manage to setup some brilliant but hilarious plots to force the convict to commit the crime, execute him while thrown the evil minister to jail.

The plots are really hilarious and ridiculously brilliant. Also not to forget the tremendous dialog that include some brilliant bad mouth quarrel between Chow and the Mama-san, quarrel between the fat Mama-san and thin Mama-san to inspire Chow to learn the quarrel skill later and also quarrel between Chow and the evil eunuch Lee near the ending. Beside that, some of the scenes are brilliant too.

One thing that need to mention is that to really understand the film and catch up 100 % of all the elements correctly, this will be a must to master Cantonese really well. Which may be the reason why early age Chow movie receive moderate response only from Asian world. However, when Chow film began to spread his influence around the globe, hardcore fans like me found that his film is no more that funny like the old time.

Reviewed by the_big5 9 / 10

It's underrated in IMDb!

It is one of the best of Stephen Chow. I give it a nine out of ten.

I was surprised to see that Shaolin Soccer was rated on top of all singsing's movies. Unbelievable.

Reviewed by gorthu 6 / 10

Stephen Chow delivers the laughs, but the movie is just average

Stephen Chow stars as a young judge who allows himself to be pushed around. He gets offerred a bribe to let someone free, but it turns out he was being tricked and loses his spot as a judge. Now he has to work for a brothel as a gigilo and ends up learning talking kung fu from Ada Choi. He ends up being named the supreme judge and shows that he can argue with even the best of lawyers.

This is not a great movie or anything, but it is a lot of fun. Stephen Chow has a few brilliant comedic moments, but there is just too much time filler. The problem with Stephen Chow movies is that they rarely feel original. There are a few that stand out, but most of the time Chow plays someone who starts out rich, turns poor, then has to fight his way back to the top. Another thing that is the same is that Ng Man Tat always stars alongside Chow, and Cheung Man always plays his love interest. But luckily they come up with a few new things. Ada Choi is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and she has a great role as the mistress of the brothel. The ending is a hilarious sequence in the courtroom and only Stephen Chow can deliver huge laughs in a mindless movie like this.

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