Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Shona Kay as Quidditch supporter
Predrag Bjelac as Igor Karkaroff
David Sterne as Ministry Wizard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ridethewind 8 / 10

It's a movie, NOT the book

As a huge fan of the books, we have to keep this in context. This is a movie, there is no way it could have included all of the book. I use the movies as fillers between the books, entertaining, but just fillers. That said, there were some glaring omissions that are vital to the next book. Why did Mike Newell extend the dragon scene, but leave out key characters? - because mistakenly Hollywood thinks that such exciting CGI is more important to the fans of the books than expanding characters and plot details. Wrong. But we will go and see the movie anyway.

I felt the movie was chopped up. The Quiddich World Cup while fascinatingly done in the movie was over so quickly that it barely seemed to be a part of the plot. Mr Crouch is suddenly dead, but it is just left dangling. Why bother to have Sirius in the movie at all, his brief scene in the fire was really disappointing, his head should have been fully out of the embers, as in the book, not part of the embers. He was barely recognizable as Sirius. What a waste.

No Ludo, no Winky and Dumbledore looking like a bumbling idiot rather than the world's most powerful wizard. Most importantly the whole end of the book is gone where he has a parting of the ways with Fudge and the Ministry of Magic, because of Fudge's refusal to believe that Voldermort is back. This whole scene sets up the next book.

So where does this movie adaptation shine? In the script and the impeccable casting. Despite what some have said about Daniel Radcliffe, he IS Harry. From the first movie, his sweet innocence to how he has grown into the part, he remains the face I see when I read the books. Emma Watson needs to tone down her overacting a bit, she was near perfect in the first movie, but hasn't really developed her character much. Rupert Grint really shines in this movie, his face is handsome, and funny and full of expression, he is the perfect Ron. The Phelps boys, as Fred & George really come into their own in this movie although how they are to start their joke shop without Harry's Tri-wizard winnings in film #5, is a question since it was entirely missing from the movie. And it was nice to see Neville getting a bigger more important role, even though all of his key info was left out of the movie. And now I've read book six, Snape takes on a whole new meaning to me and again Alan Rickman has been the perfect Snape in all of the movies.

The question as to whether the three main characters should remain on after the release of the 5th movie in summer 2007 seems a dumb question to me. Since when has Hollywood ever cared about the age of an actor and the part he or she is playing? How often have we had 20 somethings playing teenagers! There comes a time when the age of Daniel, Emma and Rupert will not matter to the audience. Personally I hope that they play in all of the movies.

They say that JK Rowling has a big say in what stays in and what is left out of her books, because she alone knows what happens and how each piece of the jigsaw fits. She must have been on holiday when decisions were made for this movie. Perhaps "the Director's Cut" DVD will explain that also...

Reviewed by Drew Collins 9 / 10

Such a HUGE step up from godawful Prisoner of Azkaban it's not even funny.

After the series low of the previous film, AKA the snoozefest mess Prisoner of Azkaban, it was good to see a mature Harry Potter film with an actual coherent/enjoyable story.

This thankfully was a genuinely great entry in the franchise, and I truly hope (pray) that David Yates' directing style and skill level has a ton more in common with Mike Newell and Chris Columbus than it does with the laughably overrated guy who directed the beyond boring slog that was Gravity and the single worst Harry Potter movie........by far!

Reviewed by Anish Misra 9 / 10

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Review

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is a film directed by Mike Newell. With every instalment of the series, my anticipation for the film also increased. And I can say even with the fourth instalment, the excitement is never reduced.

Plot: Harry Potter is selected by the Goblet of fire to compete in the Triwizard Tournament making him the youngest ever to compete much to the chagrin of everyone.

Story and direction: This is the first film in the series not to have the first scene at Privett Drive. I thought it was the right move considering the film has many things going on. During the first fifteen minutes or so, the film feels quite fast paced. I didn't get the understanding as to what his happening. If the makers would have given a little importance to the beginning, I guess the film would have worked wonders. But after those initial minutes, I was totally engrossed in the movie. There were some new characters to look out for and I can say all of them impressed. Also some of the VFX work in this film is incredible especially the broom scenes which have greatly improved. With that being said, I would add that the tournament scenes were well directed. There is always a sense of tension in the atmosphere during the scenes as you care for the safety of those characters. The film also brings another aspect of the trio's friendship into light which was very nicely handled. This is the first film also not to feature John Williams as score composer. But I can very well say that Patrick Doyle did a spectacular job as composer. The film do marks the very first appearance of Voldemort and I can say that he is terrifying. With his appearance and the build-up that has beenmade, you can say that this man means business and also that he is ruthless and would harm just anyone who comes his way.

Performances: If I had to pin-point I had to say that this was by far Daniel Radcliffe's best as Harry Potter. The emotional side had never been explored until this film as it was great. As for new characters, Ralph Fiennes just nailed it as Voldemort. He just looks as the villain you predicted. Brendan Gleeson brings his charm to the screen and that just lights up the scene itself. Robert Pattinson also justifies his performance. Timothy Spall and David Tenant gave good support. As for rest of the cast, always just do justice to their roles and never have they given me a single reason to complain.

Favorite Scene: It would be the Yule Ball scene where the boys after the initial dance just sit at one side and are jealous of Hermione seeing she is having a lot of fun unlike them. This very well depicts the teenagers who are at that age.

Verdict; Thanks to Mike Newell and Steve Kloves we have got another griping chapter to the series. Except for the first fifteen minutes, I enjoyed the entire film.

I am going with a 9/10.

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