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Giovanni Ribisi as Filippo
Cate Blanchett as Philippa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Proud_Canadian 6 / 10

Great first half, mediocre second half minor spoilers

I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival and liked the first half but didn't like the second half.

Cate Blanchette plays an English school teacher living in Italy. She plants a bomb in a drug dealer's office but a cleaning lady accidently picks it up causing the bomb to kill the cleaning lady and three other people. Cate Blanchette is brought in for police questioning where Giovanni Ribisi interprets for her and falls in love with her. Eventually they escape.

The first half where we see her plant the bomb and then the interrogations and the love story was rivetting. Cate Blanchette gave a strong performance and Giovanni Ribisi plays a smart, competent, young police officer very convincingly. The interaction between the two and the tension with the other actors is quite enjoyable.

Then, they escape and the film becomes a chase film. The scenery was beautiful and filmed to show off Italy's lovely landscape. However, the pace becomes erratic and the ending is typical of those wanna be art films that leaves the viewer scratching their head and saying, What the hell?" The characters really don't progress much after the escape and are given very little to do other than chew the scenery. Although, Cate Blanchette was surprisingly attractive with her head neatly shaved.

I gave this film a 6 because of Cate Blanchette and Giovanni Ribisi's acting as well as the breath taking scenery but I would rent it if I were to see it again.

Reviewed by thomasbuster 10 / 10

thin, short, refined

'Heaven' is a wonderfully subtle film, full of refined camera work and scarce in dialogue. It stands as a good representation for the 'X Filme' project that Tom Tykwer co-heads, which aims to create films both new and thought-provoking as well as successful in their theater runs.

At roughly an hour and a half, 'Heaven' is a cinematic triumph that nudges open the gates to the philosophy and psychology of the lone man or woman along with those of society on the whole. It takes place in Italy, but Tykwer himself stated in an interview that really it could have been shot in any number of places with the message remaining the same. 'Heaven' is a thinly-scripted, in-depth commentary on issues prevailing throughout the modern world. Drugs, sex, sexuality, identity and the fibres that make up humans as a race are what this film revolves around: it is not a film for tourists or spectators. The excellent performances of Giovanni Ribisi and Cate Blanchett (apart and together) should only be missed if you are mainly looking for external adventure and action. Though it shares its part in weapons, scheme and drama, 'Heaven' is not blockbuster material: it is art material.

Reviewed by boru33 10 / 10

Of the 1,000's of films I've seen and taught in college classes, this is perhaps the greatest of them all.

Obviously, from the summary of this review, I consider _Heaven_ perhaps the most beautiful film I've seen. As a writer and professor, I still consider film my foremost love of all the arts. In consequence, I've seen thousands of films--and those include nearly every one of the hundreds which are considered the greatest in the medium.

After multiple viewings, I place Heaven at the top. The direction and cinematography are both remarkable, the story utterly compelling, and the performances--especially Cate's--beyond compare. It is actually the overwhelming power and beauty of Cate that's the core of the film's art. It's not just "acting," but the combination of unearthly beauty, top-tier cinematography, *and* her talent that makes this a level above Streep, Dench, Bergman, Hepburn, and any other great at their absolute best.

I suppose it's hard to imagine the existence of a full level beyond what we consider--previously--to have been the most beautiful and artful female performance on screen. But that level is here, and it's clear.

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