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Ben Peel as Riot Prison Offficer Stephen Graves
Stuart Graham as Raymond Lohan
Karen Hassan as Gerry's Girlfriend
Liam Cunningham as Father Dominic Moran
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Condemned-Soul 6 / 10

A powerful story with strong performances, yet poor direction holds it back

'Hunger' is a British-Irish Historical Drama about the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike. It's a film that's tough to watch, showing prison brutality and conditions at its most absolute rawest, and it visually looks the part (age and grime and all). Being fact-based certainly lends emotions to events depicted which would be absent if it were a fictional account, but the direction here is forgettable. Too many meandering scenes of banal activities waste precious time in a picture that wouldn't make it past the hour mark had liberties not been taken on scene lengths where the camera lingers on something uninteresting for too long. We even get a man sweeping liquid down a corridor for a couple of minutes, when you get the point after 10 seconds. It serves little purpose, and the static camera-work is detriment to the cause. Steve McQueen would repeat this dull filmmaking style with 12 Years a Slave many years later.

One impressive scene is when Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham share time together, giving us a 17 minute unbroken shot of a conversation. But that's not down to direction or cinematography, but to the credit of the actors for memorising their lines. Speaking of Fassbender, he undergoes a shocking physical transformation (clue is in the title), displaying his commitment to accurately portray and tell the story of the character. That dedication to his performance in what is really an independent piece of work is commendable, showing early on his potential as a leading man.

I'm not trying to undermine the story that is the heart and core of this film, I just believe it could have been filmed much better with less tedium to keep me invested. And for that I give it 6/10.

Reviewed by daviddelamancha 10 / 10

when Michael Fassbender became one of the greatest actors

Never have I had to turn away my eyes from a movie screen until watching Michael Fassbender deliver this Daniel Day Lewis performance and putting his own body thru a grotesque transformation. I knew he was a great actor but not till seeing him in Hunger did I see the complete commitment to character. Being an ignorant American, I know almost nothing about what happened during these tumultuous times except for what I have read myself now older (thanks school system) Watch this and think about all the men and women used as commodities in our own prison systems. I cannot compare this to In The Name Of The Father, Papilon or Midnight Express, this stands on its own. I am going to watch everything director Steven McQueen has done now. Hope the review helps.

Reviewed by kiosilveira 8 / 10

A painful vision

Hunger shows us Irish Republican Army (IRA) activists, whom prisoners demand to be treated as political prisoners (their goal was to separate Northern Ireland from the UK and re-emigrate to Ireland), receiving inhuman treatment, being humiliated and having to cope with daily violence, led by Bobby Sands (Fassbender), decide to go on a hunger strike to have their orders met. Not deepening in the political aspect of the story, Steve does show the dehumanization suffered by both prisoners and prison guards, beautifully done, with incredible takes, marvelous dialogues, it's a heavy film that is not easy to digest, but it's worth it to be seen. Besides, Fassbender still delivers a performance like Christian Bale in The Machinist (2004), leaving you totally paralyzed.

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