I Spit on Your Grave 2


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Mary Stockley as Ana Patov
Jemma Dallender as Katie Carter
Joe Absolom as Ivan Patov
Kacey Barnfield as Sharon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nitzanhavoc 6 / 10

Not bad, but a poor attempt at a sequel, and all in all redundant and unnecessary

Many Horror films often like to shroud themselves in mystery, both in the film itself (in regards to plot and story) and around it (cast, crew and such). This leads to many unsolved questions... Why did the eerie and disturbing Fred Kruger become Freddie the comedian in the 2nd film? Why did we have to wait all these years for 20 Days of Night to show us an actually frightening vampire? Why is cheap gore even considered Horror? And many more. To this list I can now add "why the heck would anyone want to make a sequel after the remake of I Spit on Your Grave, which was simply the perfect revenge film?"

I Spit on Your Grave 2 had no chance. It was doomed to be a let down after the first film. I find it virtually impossible to review this film objectively due to my utter admiration to the first film, since the sequel is lacking and wanting in every single aspect. Jemma Dallender is not a bad actress, her acting is simply annoying. Her exaggerated sobs ruined any and all chance of sympathy, especially after the excellent work done by Sarah Butler in the original. The story and plot are nothing more than a tribute to the first film, with the script feeling like it's been written by a high school student doing their homework assignment of "re-write a script while offering absolutely nothing new". Even the punishments and tortures extracted by the victim-turned-huntress are nothing more than a tribute, and are far less powerful, artistic and impacting. Seriously... Why?

Having said all that, it wouldn't be fair to say I didn't enjoy the film. Seeing monsters punished by the one whose life they tried to destroy always feels good, even if not as good as during the first film. The acting by the list of antagonists was not half bad, and I should specifically commend on Peter Silverleaf's character, which was an excellent addition and perhaps the only innovation compared to the first film. Also, in this film we finally see some police involvement, offering both a well deserved criticism to the manner in which authorities handle rape cases and treat the victims, and a different ending. In regards to the ending, it did add some necessary value to the plot and the overall predicament.

All in all, the more you enjoyed the first film, the less you are likely to enjoy this one. However, if like me you enjoy watching evil people suffer, and are looking for a slight addition to the overall story - I would definitely recommend this film. I guess succeeding in being not bad when having no chance of being equally good to begin with is somewhat impressive. I'm glad I watched this, but I would in no way object to the decision to skip it and move on to the 3rd, which is actually a sequel and far better.

Reviewed by Shaza123 8 / 10

Delivers in Spades!

I am a massive fan of revenge themed horror movies. I admired the original I Spit, and adored the remake, so I was more than a little excited for the sequel. High hopes are almost always a bad sign. They can often ruin the movie experience. This was not the case today. Holy Mother of God!!!

As a continual nod to the original and the predecessor, we open with the side profile of our protagonist, where the title feature appears, I Spit On Your Grave 2. Katie is our protagonist. She is not an author like our previous victim, she is an aspiring would-be model. But she needs some professional shots of her to sell her portfolio, and decides to contact some cheap photographers.

Upon ringing them, a thick, Russian sounding accent greets her, and promptly asks her to text him a photo of her before agreeing to meet. This unusual and personal request throws her, especially since he also seems to know her name. She hesitantly does and receives a positive response. Soon after, Katie enters this cheap photography shop, and by cheap I mean CHEAP. There's even a guy sleeping on some boxes to the side. Most people would take one look at this dodgy place and bolt. As Katie looks around, unsure of herself, she is greeted by Georgy, another Russian sounding bloke, who appears friendly, maybe even too friendly, to her. The photographer, Ivan, is the one who spoke to her on the phone, and promptly tells her to get dressed. She does and poses while he snaps her, and for a few minutes seems to be quite relaxed. That is until Ivan tell her to lose the dress completely. Katie decides enough is enough and leaves as quickly as she can.

Well, being that this is a sequel to I Spit, we know things will get bad. And boy do they. Katie hears a knock on her door and finds Georgy standing right outside with the photos to give her from the shoot. Perhaps more than a little freaked out that this man knew where she lived, she closes the door as quickly as she can, and bolts it. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop Georgy from getting into her apartment and watching her while she sleeps. When she wakes up and sees him, things escalate VERY quickly. In a brutal and horrific rape scene that can be compared to the one in Irreversible, we see that this movie really wants to stand out from the remake and the original. And I gotta admit it does a damn fine job. This movie is intense on every level, and the pain has only just began.

As a rape and revenge movie, this movie delivers in spades. With at least two graphic rape scenes, as well as horrible abuse and torture, the first half is not easy viewing in the slightest. You'll feel sick and disturbed, but that's a good thing. The more we see Katie suffer, the more intense her revenge will be. And yes, her vengeance is cruel in every sense. It takes things up a notch and will have you both sick to your stomach, and cringing in your seat. While I won't spoil anything here, what I will say is castration, is actually NOT the worst thing you can do to a man. I do believe Katie found something even more cringeworthy, more cruel and painful. Good luck watching this scene, fellas, you'll need it. Yes, the revenge scenes totally made the first half worth it. I do enjoy the creativity that went behind them. It'll get a nice conversation going, about what could be the worst thing you could do to another human being. Stay tuned to see what Katie has in store. I guarantee some jaws dropping.

As for everything else, this movie is pretty mediocre. Apart from being a rape and revenge film, it really has nothing to do with the first one. The acting isn't anything special and there are so many plot devices that really don't make sense. But being the movie it is, that's perfectly okay. The original I Spit was a grindhouse movie, which promised rape and revenge. Likewise the remake and sequel have followed lead. This is a rape and revenge film, and that is exactly what you get. If you want pain, gore and gruesome revenge, you have come to the right place. If you thought I Spit was extreme, trust me, you haven't seen anything yet. See this movie! And enjoy.

Reviewed by J. Davis 6 / 10

Vengeance is a real bitch! ◆≈≈6/10≈≈◆

It's a title that sends instant recollections of one of the most brutal & torturous horror films ever made, a title that is infamous to all horror junkies alike. I still remember from when I was a child, pulling down the original I Spit on Your Grave (1978) VHS tape from atop the entertainment center where it was poorly hidden from me. Those visions that were burned into my young mind still remain fresh almost three decades later, it was one of the most unflinchingly dark, utterly disturbing, nightmarish and uncomfortable films of the century. I would have to say the rape portrayed within is as nasty and uncomfortable enough to match any other film I've ever seen. I can only imagine the reaction of some of the audience members during screenings of Meir Zarchi's cult classic in its theatrical release in 1978.

When Steven R. Monroe decided on the remake in 2010, my curiosity was unparalleled and my expectations were high to see the difference of interpretation of the times, considering how much the horror genre has evolved and changed over all these years, sort of building up a mainstream tolerance with the addition of more and more films in the vein of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Saw and Hostel. Audiences have become well accustomed to the level of violence, somewhat similar to the original "I Spit". That said, Monroe blew the doors off theaters with his masterful remake in 2010 which very much lived up to it's predecessor and in some ways even far surpassing it, much of the success lied on the shoulders of the superb performance of young Sarah Butler, certainly her breakthrough performance.

Taking all of that into account, it's a safe bet that most viewer's expectations going into "I Spit 2" are going to be set pretty high considering Steve Monroe is again in the director's chair. There is one thing worth noting here and it's the fact that unlike the original film written by Meir Zarchi and it's remake which was essentially a carbon copy of Zarchi's script with Stuart Morse's name attached, I Spit On Your Grave 2 is a completely fresh reboot from writers Thomas Fenton (SAW IV) and Neil Elman, a producer with a few Sy-Fy channel scripts under his belt. These changes are definitely noticeable as the "I Spit 2" sequel serves up slightly less graphic rape scenery and to some extent lacks the very sharp uncomfortable edge that the first two films leave you straddling. In no way am I saying it doesn't deliver the expected smörgåsbord of graphically violent and downright uncomfortable scenes, it did, but it failed to affect me mentally like other films of this kind often do. It didn't quite fully enrage me during the rape scenes, possibly because I wasn't able to fully connect with Katie's character. Not that this makes this a bad film, but it did play a large role on how emotionally charged I was at times during the film and seems to leave the audience too unattached to receive the kind of emotional payout that its predecessors delivered on.

As the story goes, Katie (Jemma Dallender) a very beautiful young woman looking to break into the modeling business ends up with a phone number of a photographer Ivan (Joe Absolom) and after a quick call she agrees to come downtown for a photo shoot free of charge. When Katie shows up, things don't go as planned when they insist she pose nude, she abruptly leaves, but not before getting the attention of Ivan's brother Georgie, who becomes obsessed with Katie. Later that night, Georgie (Yavor Baharov) , who got Katie's home address from the release form she had turned in at the beginning of the shoot, ends up at her door with a handful of pics that were taken before the nudity issue arose. Katie reluctantly takes the pics and after some urging finally gets Georgie to leave, only to awaken in the middle of the night to see Georgie sitting in her dark bedroom filming her. They immediately struggle violently and in the process, make enough noise to draw the attention of a neighbor/boyfriend Jayson (Michael Dixon). After stabbing Jayson, he binds and rapes Katie while her boyfriend lies watching on the floor bleeding out. When Georgie calls his brothers for help, Katie ends up being smuggled out of the country and sold out for further sexual abuse and torture by some seriously sick-minded individuals. Left for dead, badly beaten, battered, bruised, and broken, a stroke of luck gives her the chance to regain herself and take brutal vengeance upon all who harmed her, torturing each of them similar to the way in which they abused her, only she's so, so much more motivated.

Everything else was all pretty tight, production values, cinematography and score were all befitting for the making of a solid horror flick, but in the end it's just not on the same level as the remake. It's worth a look for horror fans just as long as it's clear that "I Spit 2" is going to be a decent step down from the revenge masterpiece that preceded it.

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