Lend a Paw


Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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June Foray as Kitten
Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 9 / 10

Could have been longer, but cute and touching

Lend a Paw is a great cartoon. Perhaps not one of my favourites, it definitely could have been longer by two minutes I think. However, it looks beautiful, everything looks fluid and Mickey's intense look was a great piece of character animation but what was special was the use of colour, blue for when Pluto is frozen, green to signify the devil's jealousy and yellow for when the devil is confronted by the angel. The music is lovingly orchestrated and does wonderfully yet again in enhancing the action. There are a few humorous moments, but it is the poignant pathos and strong suspense that made an even bigger impression. Pluto rescuing the kitten was by far the most memorable scene. The story while somewhat obvious has much cuteness and charm with a great, subtly used message and don't be prejudiced. It does use the angel vs. devil scenario but is one of the better and most interesting cases of it. Mickey is likable but plays second fiddle to Pluto, one of those characters who looks and acts like a dog(which he is) but unlike Goofy, Mickey and Donald he doesn't act human which is part of his charm, as well as his ability of being telling in his facial expressions without saying a word. The kitten and the goldfish are very cute and the angel and devil are an amusing contrast with the devil all tough and the angel more shrill. Overall, cute and touching, well worth seeing. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by mirosuionitsaki2 9 / 10

Brings a Wonderful Message

A cute Disney Mickey Mouse short. I love cats and dogs and.. Well, fishes make for a lousy pet. Any who, a wonderful cartoon to watch with the family. I really recommend this. It brings a message to not be prejudice.

Pluto finds a kitten, he automatically disapprove of the kitten, but Mickey Mouse automatically loves the kitten. Pluto tries to get the kitten framed for something he/she didn't do but it ends up with Pluto getting kicked out. Later, the kitten falls in a well after chasing a ball. Pluto saves the kitten and they now love each other.

I recommend this cartoon for everyone. It was a really cute cartoon. Disney produced cartoons are usually good like this.

Reviewed by llltdesq 8 / 10

Good-not great-Disney Oscar-winning short

This Oscar winner is a rather sweet, gentle, charming cartoon that, from another studio, probably would not have won the Oscar. While it's a good cartoon, it certainly isn't my choice (of those I've seen, I prefer Rhapsody in Rivets myself). This is the best one that prominently features Pluto and it cetainly does not make you scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking. A good, but by no means great, cartoon. Like most of the shorts (with some lamentable exceptions), this shows periodically on The Ink and Paint Club. Recommended.

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