Magician Mickey


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Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tony_ginorio 8 / 10

Clash of the Cartoon Titans

Usually, when Mickey Mouse is paired up with Donald Duck (or, more often than not, with Donald and Goofy), they separate and do their own routines, with Mickey getting the comedy short stick. Here, however, the two are constantly in contention, and the cartoon is all the better for it. Mickey is a magician whose act is constantly being interrupted by a certain web-footed heckler in the balcony. He soon makes Donald an unwilling assistant, using his skills of prestidigitation to humiliate him. He makes him spit out cards, turns him into a paper doll chain, and even makes a monkey out of him, literally. It's a pity they weren't used more as adversaries, since it brings out the best in them, pitting Mickey's resourcefulness and pluck against Donald's irascibility and mischievousness. Incidentally, Goofy is in this one also, mostly out of sight as a stage hand. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Clintekabor 7 / 10

On with the show

This is a classic mickey mouse short. It involves Donald trying to sabotage Mickey's magic act with an appearance from Goofy.

The cleverest moment for me was when Mickey uses his hands to make Donald small like an insect then pops him into a pistol and shoots him into an egg. He then turns him back to his normal size by scrambling him with his wand and pouring him out of his top hat.


Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10

Mickey seems to have god-like powers in this one!

In "Magician Mickey", the mouse is trying to put on a magic show and inexplicably, Donald does everything he can to be a nuisance and destroy the act. However, Mickey seems to have god-like powers and again and again, he uses them to thwart Donald....yet Donald keeps coming back for more!

Like all the Mickey and friends cartoons of the 1930s, this one is gorgeously animated and is head and shoulders better looking than the competition, such as MGM and Warner Brothers. Beautiful backgrounds, smooth animation AND no cutesy songs (a problem in many 30s cartoon shorts) make this well worth seeing....and it's among the better shorts by Disney. A delight.

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