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Jason Statham as Jake Green
Togo Igawa as Fred
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dr-ehpage 8 / 10

Excellent film

I normally do not like movies about gangsters, drug pushers and warlords, but this one has all of that and it had quite a different twist. It is one of the best made films I have seen in a long time. The timing is impeccable. The scenes are well designed. The casting is marvelous. Some might call it a psychological film, but I think its more about one man's spiritual growth as he grapples with what life hands him. The writing is engaging and the action has much to be expected, but also unexpected outcomes.This keep the film fresh from start to finish and it ends in a way that makes you wonder. I wouldn't want anything more from a film and highly recommend it to people who are willing to watch a move thoughtfully with full engagement.

Reviewed by memeplexo 8 / 10

a trip to enlightenment

it's all very simple. Jake goes to prison, and spends five years with the con and the chess masters. they get compassionate about his history of loss and failure, and utterly misery that he lives on because of his belief in his mastery of small tricks and control of the rules of small crooks. they decide to give Jake the ultimate freedom: from his innermost fears, from what he believes to be himself. for that, they take him on a trip where he got to let go all the fear, all the pride, all the hope - to be reborn as true master of his will.

it's a clever movie about the journey of illumination, about the infinite gambles and games that we do with and within ourselves. 10/10, no doubt.

Reviewed by flatfoxx 10 / 10

Best ever movie about the fight against the ego

As a gangster movie, just a simple one. But if you (can) see it as the fight with the ego, it is a genius creation!

I saw it at least 20 times, but each time it shows me something new.

6,5 stars are way too low, so go and watch it again, open you eyes, and change your rating! ;)


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