The Boy Next Door


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 12%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 40553


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Jack Wallace as Mr. Sandborn
Raquel Gardner as Barbara
François Chau as Detective Johnny Chou
Lexi Atkins as Allie Callahan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pawanpunjabithewriter 6 / 10

Ghastly Violent

The name gives me an idea of a college adult comedy thing, however, when looked into the genre it said Thriller. I was wondering how could a boy next door with school and college teens be a thriller so was kind of curious to know. There wasn't much in the first 30 minutes but an unkind man whose character later takes the arc, cheating a lovely, most amazing woman, however, the woman, not willingly but engages in a sexual act with the boy next door. What happens next is the story, what happens next is a mind boggling thriller, a gripping one, could turn you on. Few mistakes, silly moments in the middle after that however, the conflict remaining brutal and the antagonist not letting it any easy for the protagonist. A lesson it could be for the women how to deal with such brutal men and get out of it. I must say that guy was the most horrific person, I'd watched in about a year. The movie is good, the violence is too horrific since the antagonist here is the most brutal man, however, tells the story about the beautiful woman cunningly and her wonderful family.

Reviewed by davispittman 8 / 10

A very enjoyable and fun thriller

This fatal attraction type movie was really very entertaining and interesting! First of all, I loved the casting for this movie, Jennifer Lopez did a great job as the lead role, and let's not forget our psychopath, Ryan Guzman, he really played his role well, nice and creepy, with a twisted edge to him. Kristin Chenoweth was very pleasant playing Jennifer Lopez's best friend and co-worker, and in my opinion, just added to the movie, Ian Nelson, who played Jennifer's teenage son was impressive in his role, no complaints here! There were several scenes where I was genuinely creeped out, and on the edge of my seat, which was this movies job, so I feel like it accomplished it's job. There were a couple of interesting twists towards the end that I did enjoy. It had good action sequences and an interesting climax. 8/10 for The Boy Next Door, it was a fun night watching this!

Reviewed by bequialife 1 / 10

Just like so many others, lacks originality

Nothing original, nothing clever, so predictable. I can't believe money was spent on making something like this. And the title? Couldn't come up with anything else? Sorry but 19 year old boys don't know how to use the words this fellow did to seduce her. Trying too hard to be poetic at that age.

You might like it if you like Jennifer Lopez.

Such an eye roller...

Unless you love the guy in 'Sex and the City', Aiden, Carrie's boyfriend at one point. He acts like a father trying to hard to be a teenager.

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