The Door


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 2031


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Erika Marozsán as Évike Grossmann
Martina Gedeck as Magda
Helen Mirren as Emerenc
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by esteemdancers-1 10 / 10

A Rare Gem

A few times in ones lifetime they have the great fortune to discover a Jewel of a film. This movie is a Rare Gem. Few films are made with such passion and beauty. You must watch this movie. However you do not watch it as much as you savor it as you would a fine wine.

The synopsis for this movie states, "This is a story of a special relationship between two women, a writer and her maid." I was curious as to why it was so minimized a synopsis. Upon viewing the movie after only 25 minutes it was so clear to me why. There are not words precious enough to describe the synopsis/plot of this story.

Relationships as complex, beautiful and enduring as that which exist between these two women are beyond explanation. Starring Helen Mirren and Martina Gedeck.

Reviewed by katja2684 10 / 10

sad but beautiful story

I found this movie stunning. It transmits such a bittersweet feeling, sadness combined with a certain peace of mind, of heart perhaps... It's a movie that teaches you that you shouldn't be afraid of death,that loneliness,illness,the loss of beloved relatives can be worse than death. This movie tells you that you should never give up,and the main character, Emerenc's path is an example.She's a strong and straightforward woman, very decided when it comes to protect her intimacy and her memories from youth. She's helpful and loyal though cruel and blunt sometimes,she hides her feelings but they burst out in some wonderful scenes like the one with the china dog or the dinner where Evike never showed up. Best movie I've seen this year,the music and the lightning are extraordinary. The director, Szabo Istvan is entitled to receive many more credits than it had received until now.

Reviewed by Kirpianuscus 10 / 10


the definitions are not the inspired way to describe this special film. because it is a return to the small things who are too precious and fragile for be parts of a definition. and because the acting is , in this case, not exactly good or remarkable or impressive or seductive or precise. it is only is. sure, the axis is the work of Hellen Mirren. but her admirable performance gives opportunity to discover the sides of story in the right light. and to her partners to build solid characters. it is a film about a meet and memories and tragic decisions and the present who preserves old scarfs. and about the silence inside the words. a film from the East because the East is the best embroidery of old dramatic stories and immortal memories. a film for reflect, understand and admire. and about trust. and friendship. and the bitter beauty of solitude.

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