The Love Guru


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mickeyiotov 8 / 10

GREAT....if you don't take it seriously

OF COURSE this movie was going to be silly comedy. Its mike myers!!!! I entered this movie having no idea what was going to come out and maybe thats why i loved it. It was about random things but DID have an over all plot. The love guru tried to restore a couple while trying to find out about his own love.

Many people can relate to these jokes of religion and meditating and you may even learn a thing or too, but again don't take all things 100%. If you can carefully interpret what the movies motifs are then you will think it is a good move.

Overall, this is a movie of puns and if you like mike myers you will most probably enjoy this movie.

Reviewed by pgstreby 3 / 10

An Opportunity Wasted by Self-Indulgence

Mike Myers is a talented guy, but this vehicle is an embarrassment. The funniest parts are gleefully juvenile, but they are, unfortunately, outnumbered by gags that are simply juvenile or, worse yet, juvenile and mean-spirited. For example, some of the jokes directed at Verne Troyer's character sound like they were uttered by a 15-year-old classroom bully, not written by an intelligent man in his forties. I'm all in favor of offending PC sensibilities whenever possible, but do it right: cracks about Keebler elves show are just stupid and artistically lazy.

More scenes of young Pitka might have explained better how he grew into the adult he became, and Rajneesh could have been fleshed out a bit. I suspect that a lot of character development and back story were left on the cutting room floor. What should have been cut were the cameos that were either pointless or self-referential without being truly funny.

The plot wasn't exactly Citizen Kane quality, but it could have worked with better writing. After all, if anything cries out for satiric treatment, it's the self-help and New Age movements. With such target-rich subject matter, how did Myers manage to make such a dud? I think that it's a case of plain self-indulgence. Jim Carrey and Robin Williams are two other talented, over-the-top funny men who do some of their best work when they show restraint and don't play themselves. Someone should have reined in Myers on this one.

For his penance, I suggest that he lay off comedy for a while and do a few dramatic roles - including supporting ones - as he did (quite well) in "54." Williams and Carrey have shown other dimensions of themselves in dramatic roles, and I'm sure Myers can, too.

Reviewed by psypeterson 7 / 10

Not even a tenth as bad as others make it seem.

To call this the worst movie of the year, or the worst movie ever shown in theaters, is sheer pompousness at its best.

That being said; this is by no means a great movie. It is hilariously crude, random, and quirky, but the humour is obviously not for everyone. The Love Guru uses a tried, but true, comedy formula and rarely strays from it. However; some of the off-the-wall jokes will have you laughing your face off, and will keep returning to your mind, making you laugh days after you watched the film. The acting is par, and Steven Colbert delivers the funniest performance I've seen in a long while.

Don't go into this film looking for genius or groundbreaking comedy mastery; go into this film expecting a decent laugh which you won't regret.

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