The Olympic Champ


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

A bit quantity over quality, but still worth seeing

"The Olympic Champ" is a 7-minute color cartoon from 1942. Olympics 1940 and 1944 were cancelled because of World War II, but this did not keep Disney from coming-up with a Goofy cartoon about the Olympic Games. The difference between this one all the other sports-themed Goofy cartoons with narration voiceover is that in here several sports are covered, basically all of them belonging to athletics as initially as the introduction we take a journey several centuries back to Athens where it all began. Okay that part was only mildly funny I must admit, but it gave us the looks of a Goofy sphinx and that was a true highlight. It gets more entertaining afterward peaking comedy-wise during the hammer throw sequence in which the narrator unluckily won't tell Goofy he needs to let go of the hammer. Or maybe luckily because knowing Goofy, God knows whom he might have hit. Anyway, the result is that he manages to build an oil rig. Don't ask me why or how. Just watch. Funny stuff. The pole vault sequence before that wasn't shabby either. Actually I was surprised how long he managed to stay up there and also how high he got. He may not have succeeded with the key goal for pole vault, but he kinda succeeded in his own way. So i think this was an okay watch overall, not one of my most or least favorite Goofy cartoons, but I like the dog and also George Johnson is not really known too well today anymore for Goofy despite speaking for the character on several occasions in several short films. everybody nowadays thinks of Pinto Colvig. Anyway, as for this one here, it is a thumbs-up, just not a too enthusiastic one.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 10 / 10

How to be an Olympic champion with Disney

Disney movies, shows and shorts have always had a large place in my heart, and I have always considered Goofy one of their best, funniest and most unique characters. It is very easy to see why in The Olympic Champ. The animation is beautifully done, it is crisp and colourful and the colours really do have a sense of life to them. The music has often been one of the best things about the Disney shorts, the rousing and texturally rich feel that the music has in The Olympic Champ ensures that it is not an exception here. It also does a fine job of enhancing the action and humour. The slyly written and thoughtfully voiced commentary/narration occurring throughout is just another strong asset, and how the running track is demonstrated and Goofy running around with a torch were fun, uplifting scenes. The gags are similarly clever, the one with the oil derrick especially is hilarious. Maybe there are more tighter paced Disney shorts around, but there is still great energy and I didn't find it dull really for a second. Goofy this time doesn't take on different characters and personalities, he is here just his appealing everyman persona demonstrating all the Olympic tactics to the audience. To decide which of those personas he's better at is difficult, as he is so great at both and at no point does it feel out of character when he does either, and he certainly excels here. Overall, beautifully animated and very funny with a likable and perfectly placed lead character. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10

Olympic Goof.

Being left disappointed by the extremely dry Goofy short film The Art of Baseball,I decided to watch Goofy take on the Olympic Games,with the hope that the film makers would strive for gold.

The plot:

Going around the world with the Olympic Tourch,Goofy gets set to take part in every game that is getting played at the Olympics.As he takes on the games one after another,Goofy soon discovers that winning a gold medal may be harder than he had expected.

View on the film:

Returning to the Goofy shorts,John McLeish gets the movie to hit the ground running by delivering a powerful narration,that along with containing a witty Tenerson quote,also has McLeish give the screenplay (whose writers are sadly unaccredited) a strong streak of dashing wit.

Along with McLeish,director Jack Kinney makes the animation burst into life by including a number of subtle,sharp sight gags,that go from a "never ending" Olympic Tourch,to Goofy finding himself in mid-air,as he aims for Olympic gold.

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