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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shaolin_Apu 6 / 10

Not great but at least it does not support communism

While the film generally manages to avoid the worst pits, it still falls to some of them. The absolutely best thing about the film is, that it does not attempt to establish one side as the good side and the other as bad. The sentiment is fairly neutral, though it may be seen leaning more to Franco's side than to the Republican. It is also stated in the opening credits, that wars start long before the battles, and will end only long after those. Also true.

The main characters appear to be fighting for both sides, and especially Kurylenko is doing a fine job. Other main characters include a good-willing Catholic priest who has to testify atrocities committed against the church. That the church is depicted as a victim, could be to some a 'refreshing alternative' in this contemporary context at least.

This maybe sounds good to some, but unfortunately it does not seem that good. Many scenes are shot in dark, and at least I was totally confused what was going on then. Maybe it was a fault of my DVD and television set, but maybe it was not. Another annoying thing was the soundtrack that seemed to live its own life regardless of what was happening on the screen. I also wished that the film language had been Spanish and not English. Using English was a big loss of immersion for me.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

Roland Joffé's overwrought epic

In 1936, the Spanish civil war pitted the fascists against the leftist Republican army. Manolo Torres (Wes Bentley) and Josemaría Escrivá (Charlie Cox) are childhood friends. Manolo's family is rich but he's envious of his friend's attentive father. Manolo's father is killed by a communist and Josemaría becomes a priest. In present day Spain, Manolo's son Robert (Dougray Scott) is writing a book on Josemaría Escrivá who is in line for canonization. Roberto is estranged from his father and tries to understand him and his complicated friendship.

Director Roland Joffé has written a confused convoluted epic. It tries to do so much that it ends up doing nothing. Roland is trying so hard to have this an overwrought melodrama. I don't find Robert and his investigation that compelling. Manolo and Josemaría are competing to be the lead. I would have preferred a more straight-forward telling of their story and less epic musical cues. He should let their story speak for itself and not try to make an opera.

Reviewed by g-white723 10 / 10

Dark Spain - where there be dragons

I loved this film for several reasons 1, it introduced me to a forgotten conflict in 20th century , the Spanish Civil War, 2. it was a great story, 3. the lead character is a catholic priest. Its not the usual film you see on DVD, and that is a good thing.

I rented this DVD because I wanted to learn more about Spain's civil war, and this film did not disappoint me because large sections of the film covers that period. Dougray Scott plays a journalist looking into the past to learn about the real life religious character Jose Maria Escobar (who I had never heard of). He finds out that his father knew this man, and there the secret history of his father's role in the Spanish civil war unfolds. I was captivated by this story until the dramatic end.

Afterwards I questioned whether this was an fair reflection of that conflict because both sides come out of it badly, except the church. The dark past of Spain is not always seen outside of Spain. I was quite shocking in parts to see how divided the country was (and maybe still is). Even though some people may disagree with me that this film is biased, it felt like it was trying to be fair and convey a positive message about forgiveness.

I couldn't find any flaws in this film .It introduced me to interesting subjects like the Spanish Civil War, and Opus Dei, and it was a heart wrenching film with an ultimately positive message. That is why I give this film a 10.

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