Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire


Action / Adventure

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 4%
IMDb Rating 2.2 10 1586

demon warrior quest sorceress

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Top cast

Melissa Ordway as Princess Tanis
Inbar Lavi as Alana
Kevin Sorbo as Aedan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Planetpulp 2 / 10

Not fit to wipe the original

As soon as I saw that this was out, I rented it. Wow, what a piece of crap. It had none of the fun of the original and really didn't even tell a story at all. Lee Horsley Does appear but only for a minute and it is disappointing. Some of the plot devices from the original are used but wasted and the whole thing appears to be shot on video. The Tri-Sword appears off camera but is used very poorly. Michael Pare takes the place as the hero/ betrayer of the Sorceress vampire Whatever. Every episode of Hercules is better than this piece of junk. If you want a movie worth of the original, try "season of the Witch" or Solomon Kane.

Reviewed by Rob_Taylor 4 / 10

So...they attempted to do a follow up to Sword and the Sorceror.

This is a hard film to rate. I can see what they were trying to do, but the money just wasn't there to transform this into an actual, watchable movie. I wanted to like it. I really did. The Sword and the Sorceror remains one of my favourite old B-movie fantasy films of the eighties. I wanted this sequel to live up to that. But....

There are some really awful effects that just look terrible. So terrible that I think that is what they deliberately went for in the end. They had no money for real CGI or anything like it, so they hashed something together on someone's PC.

It all plays like a quickly mocked up 'interest' piece. As if someone put this together as a teaser for studio execs to watch as part of a pitch for a movie.

If they had had more money, then I could see this maybe being an okay film. IF. But they didn't and what we are left with is a poorly lit, poorly dressed and sometimes horribly acted movie that invites ridicule. It looks like a bad TV show. Really bad.

This is a shame, as I say, because there is potential here, with the right backing.

Oh, and they need to lose the music score they went with, too. It's just badly put together and totally out of character for the genre. And whilst I'm dispensing advice...lose the over-sized vampire teeth. Between the brash, over-loud music and the lisping attempts of the actress to talk around her teeth, I could hardly understand a word the vampire queen said.

Quite how they cajoled Kevin Sorbo into this I'll never know. I expect he owed someone a favour.

Oh, and when the title says "Tales" I was expecting several different, but connected stories. What you get aren't "Tales". They are simply chapters of the same tale. But I guess "Chapters of an Ancient Empire" doesn't sound so good, eh? All in all not really worth your time and effort. They hint at a follow-on at the end, God help us! I just hope they throw a bit more money at it next time around.

Best avoided if you have fond memories of the original.

Reviewed by suite92 1 / 10

Swords and sorcery, wretched visuals, and a poor script.

We start with a good 10 minutes of overview and backstory by Hekate, granddaughter of Ma'at, Queen of Abelar. The granddaughter was portrayed as having some sort of speech impediment, or else the actress was just very badly miked. I needed the closed captions. This segment was largely done in sepia cartoons. Artsy cartoons, perhaps, but still. In any case, Ma'at's mother hired mercenaries to put down Sorcerer Xuxia and his vampire daughter Xia, before Xuxia opens a portal to the netherworld. Duguay, Rodrigo, and Oda manage just that, but Oda introduces complications instead of completely finishing the job.

Twenty years later, Princess Tanis becomes the centre of the light side, and Xia, the risen Vampire Queen, the leader of the dark side. The real core character, though, is warrior mercenary Oda, who slew the sorcerer Xuxia, reduced Xia to dust for 20 years, and fathered Princess Tanis, the mercenary Aedon, imperial assassin Rajan, and their sister Malia. Rajan had daughter Alana, whom she trained as an assassin. Besides those four, Oda fathered Kara by Xia, who gave birth before Oda, ah, dusted her off.

At the final command of Ma'at, Tanis finds her siblings. The group goes off to find their wayward and fertile father, then put down Xia and keep the door to the netherworld closed.

What could possibly go wrong?

This was another under capitalised project. It shows. The number of dead-end plot threads was too high. Also, too much time was devoted to dreary conversations, then Hekate would narrate what should have been long action sequences in a matter of a few seconds.

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