Alien Autopsy


Biography / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 7429


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Shane Rimmer as Colonel
Sam Douglas as Network President
Anthony McPartlin as Gary Shoefield
Declan Donnelly as Ray Santilli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jboothmillard 5 / 10

Alien Autopsy

Based on a true story of one of the world's biggest hoax, this is a good film with a great duo in their first feature film (unless you count their brief appearance in Love Actually). Declan Donnelly as Ray Santilli, and Anthony McPartlin as friend/partner Gary Shoefield are great. It is all about these two friends/partners and their story of how they recreated a version of Harvey's (Alien's Harry Dean Stanton) 1940s film, an alien autopsy! They tried to sell this original film to gangster Voros (Tomorrow Never Dies' Götz Otto), but it was wiped clean. So they remade it with family and friends, including Melik (Omid Djalili), Jasmine (Morwenna Banks), Amber Fuentes (Nichole Hiltz), Edgar (Lee Oakes) and Nan (Madeleine Moffat). When they fooled the gangster, they decided to make it global for everyone else to watch and hopefully believe, and it worked. We never knew if it was fake or not, until now! The real Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield even featured at the end. Also starring Jimmy Carr as Gary's Boss and Orson Bean as Homeless Man. A cool story with some cool and also funny happenings, Ant and Dec fans will love it. Worth watching!

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

I want to believe.

It doesn't take an advanced extraterrestrial intelligence to understand why Alien Autopsy wasn't a success: long-time Ant and Dec fans expecting to see a zany comedy were most likely disappointed by the film's 'gentle' humour, while others would have been deterred by the duo's cheeky Geordie personas, more suited to the small screen than the silver screen. It's taken me twelve years to pluck up the courage to watch, expecting little more than an extended TV skit with weak gags and broad performances. In the end, an asking price of 33p at the local charity shop swayed me, and, to be fair, it was 33p well spent: while no masterpiece, Alien Autopsy is better than I had bargained for.

Based on a true story, the film stars Declan Donnelly and Ant McPartlin as British pals Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield, who, in 1995, claimed to have discovered genuine footage of an alien autopsy while on a trip to the States. Ray buys the film from cameraman Harvey (Harry Dean Stanton), having convinced dodgy Hungarian art dealer Laszlo Voros (Götz Otto) to invest $30K, so he is understandably shocked to find that, on returning to London, exposure to air and humidity has destroyed all but a few frames. In order to avoid angering Voros, Ray convinces Gary and a handful of other pals to help him recreate the footage, but seriously underestimate the success of their handiwork.

Not only does Alien Autopsy show that Ant and Dec still know how to act, but it also proves to be a very interesting account of one of the greatest mysteries of all time - is there really footage verifying the existence of aliens, or was the whole thing one colossal hoax? We might never know for sure, but this lighthearted, entertaining account of events sure gets one thinking.

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for being more entertaining than an episode of Saturday Night Takeaway.

Reviewed by studioAT 2 / 10

Ant and Dec on the big screen

At this moment this film stands as Ant and Dec's only foray into films and at times you can see why.

Fair play to the pair though, they could easily see out their careers on prime time telly, but they wanted to test themselves.

To be honest, it's not even that bad a film. It has a certain charm to it, and the leads have charm and humour by the bucket load.

The problem is that they're let down by a rather weak plot and lots of dubious moments, making for an unconvincing and at times dated looking film.

Cannon and Ball and Morecambe and Wise both struggled to make it on the silver screen. I hope if Ant and Dec try again they have better luck.

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