All Quiet on the Western Front


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Fred Zinnemann as German soldier / French ambulance driver
Zasu Pitts as Frau Bäumer - Silent Version Trailer only
Lew Ayres as Paul
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10

Probably the greatest war film ever made

The film begins in a classroom. Outside, martial music is blaring and the professor inside the room is lecturing the boys about their duty to the Fatherland and encouraging them all to as a group in the German army at the outbreak of WWI. The film is exceptional in how it captures the enthusiasm and naiveté of the boys--as they imagine glory awaiting them after they enlist! Even in boot camp, the mood is light and the new recruits are excited about seeing their first action. This perfectly sets the stage for the actual war--not the sanitized or "fun" war of many films but the hellish and pointless mess that was WWI. The rest of the film is brutally honest and harsh and shows how the students die off one-by-one and the remaining students become more and more jaded and emotionally dead due to the fighting.

I love this film and strongly recommend it to anyone who considers themselves to be a film buff. Part of my love of the film is because it was made relatively shortly after the war and the uniforms, trucks, etc. all appear correct for the period. Many years later, a made for TV version of this film appeared with Ernest Borgnine and Richard Thomas. It, too, was excellent but also was perhaps a bit too polished and pretty--lacking some of the grit of the original. Great acting, direction and production all made this original THE best of the anti-war films of the 1920s and 30s.

Other similar great movies I strongly recommend are J'ACCUSE (French), WESTFRONT 1918 (German), THE BIG PARADE (USA--silent) and THE EAGLE AND THE HAWK (USA). All excel at portraying war in a truthful and non-glamorized manner--it's just a shame that their impact of the world as a whole was negligible--particularly in Germany--where Fascism would soon replace the anti-war sentiment of the book ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. In fact, his books and this film were banned once the Nazis came to power just a few years later.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 10 / 10

The quintessential war movie

Some might say Saving Private Ryan. Some might say The Thin Red Line. Some might say Platoon. Some might say Paths of Glory. Some might say Apocalypse Now. Some might even say Regeneration(though that focuses more on the psychological aspects of war rather than the war itself). But as good(great even) as these movies are, I give the title "quintessential war movie" to All Quiet on the Western Front.

The whole film is beautifully shot, with the cinematography and editing still holding up well today, and the whole is compellingly written in story and dialogue that it has not once for me lost its ability to shock and involve. All Quiet on the Western Front is wonderfully directed and every single one of the performances are exemplary. The film is a sincere and powerful one, but I have to mention the climatic sequence. I know very few individual scenes that leave me heart-broken on every single viewing, but this scene does.

All in all all, a brilliant movie and one of the best of any genre. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by elvircorhodzic 9 / 10

"You still think it's beautiful to die for your country?",...

A film about the horrors and suffering in the First World War. Through the story takes us to a group of young German soldiers. There is an interesting story from the perspective of German soldiers told in English.

The motive, which draws young people on the battlefield is not strong, but it is not questionable. At the beginning of the film can be noticed that the young Germans highly motivated. Youthful enthusiasm and patriotism are not desirable traits.

Horror followed by constant suffering on the Western Front is enough at the moment of breaking down every war motive. The boys continue to struggle even though their confidence shaken well. In the end they became soldiers and nothing more than that.

The film is extremely powerful, emotional and perhaps too realistic. As much as I am shocked scattered body parts during the fight, which is certainly controversial in that period, I was more shocked by the mental state of the characters. Director Milestone has certainly been affected by silent film. I think it's only because of that conveyed the horror of the battlefield on the face of the main character. It is realistic and damn convincing.

I am delighted by the fact that the director is not a single moment involved politics. The harsh reality of the Western Front is all what we need to see. The main message of the film is the absurdity of war. The message is hidden in the words of a young Paul and his comrades.

Lew Ayres as Paul Baumer is excellent. Not everything is about Paul, but through his character we can understand the essence.

Louis Wolheim as Stanislaus Katczinsky is mentor of young soldiers, and his performances are full of humanity and humor.

In the conditions of trench warfare, man is exposed to the horror that it destroys the mind and body. Milestone shows small moments of laughter and joy, without which life would not make sense. ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT brings an anti-war story that must not be forgotten.

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