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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 18784

Keywords:   los angeles, california, remake, bank robbery, car crash, brother brother relationship

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Jake Gyllenhaal as Danny Sharp
Eiza González as Cam Thompson
Garret Dillahunt as Captain Monroe
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Will Sharp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xavier_Stone 1 / 10

God awful camera work. Ok acting, trash story riddled with errors.

Once you get through the entry setup it quickly jumps right into the bank heist. The are portrayed as clueless, yet the Boss Jake has loads of expensive toys from his successful robbing career.

The robbery is super simple, and it's over in 10 mins. The rest of the movie, the remaining 2 hours, is the chase. Each bag has 8Mil in 100s, which weighs 176 pounds. Both actors carry them around like they are empty. The constant erratic unstable camera work will give you a head ache, needless and annoying.

Tons of character issues. The female paramedic fleeing the ambulance with a person in critical condition. Armed gunman refuse to leave an ambulance and stays in an emergency vehicle. Lead investigator is gay and in marriage counseling at the time he gets a call. Lead cop calls off a 15 car police chase cause his dog is in one of the cars?? Wtf. Jake is making calls and arguing about party favors.

And of course it has to get even more outrageous. Lets try open chest surgery in the back of a moving ambulance rocking down the highway. More unnecessary shaky camera work. Phone battery dies.

So the same hero EMT who flees, jumps into the line of fire to prevent the group from being shot. Just so many terrible character decisions. Two brothers get into a front seat fight while driving. Ugh. Let's spray paint an EMT vehicle to disguise it.

The entire movie is based on the fear of shooting/killing a cop, then an entire attack is designed to kill cops. Unreal. Ending is just unappealing as they come. Directed by Michael Bay, one of his worst.

Reviewed by cdcrb 1 / 10


This is the dumbest film i have ever seen. If you don't believe me, plunk down your money and see for yourself. The fascinating thing is that you stick around just to see what stupid thing happens next. The real problem is jake. He's just not the bad guy type. How many cop cars does it take to stop an ambulance? A lot more than you think.

Reviewed by brionesb 1 / 10

Michael Bay at his worst

I had a really hard time convincing myself to stay and finish this movie when I saw it. The story & plot itself is silly, which I expected based on the trailers and how paper thin the setup is but visually this was headache inducing.

The basic plot of this movie is that Jake Gyllenhall & Yahya Abdul-Mateen II are brothers who go on a bank heist that goes wrong. The crew they rob the bank with gets picked off one by one by the LAPD until something goes sideways as the brothers try to make their escape. Due to an unfortunate mishap, both brothers are forced to commandeer an ambulance and make a run for it. One long car chase ensues with lots of crashes, screeching tires, bullets flying and explosions.

Again, this is fine because I expected it from the trailers. Also it's a Michael Bay directed film, so I expected it to be mostly style over substance and spectacle.

Unfortunately the movie is visually shot with non-stop shaky cam & drone-like aerial and swirling shots. And I mean NON-STOP. It's like Michael Bay & his cinematographer shot gunned a 6-pack of Red Bull, snorted a Ziploc full of cocaine, busted out a smartphone and turned off all visual stabilization and started shooting while running.

There are almost no shots where the camera isn't swooping up or down or rotating around people or things and shaking like crazy. It made it difficult to follow the action. Even in an early scene where Jake & Yahya's characters are talking, the camera is constantly revolving around them!

Perhaps if Michael Bay controlled himself & shot this movie in a way where it was easier to follow the action and the camera wasn't constantly moving, I'd like this a lot more. Nothing could be more mind numbing or boring than watching a camera shake or move all over the place for nearly 90 minutes! I get that some of things being done visually are the director's trademarks but it's dialed up to 11 and just non-stop.

I wouldn't recommend paying to watch this unless you absolutely have nothing better to do. The story is too silly and visually this movie is too much of a mess to be entertaining in my humble opinion. Go watch Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or Morbius instead...

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