Antoine and Colette

1962 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.6 10 4959


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Jean-Pierre Léaud as Antoine Doinel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

Why not see the entire film?

I have been looking for a copy of "Stolen Kisses" for some time, and so I was glad I finally found it--or thought I'd found it. While my sole reason for wanting to see it was to see the Truffaut segment featuring the character "Antoine Doinel", I was VERY surprised to see a DVD with ONLY this 30 minute portion from the movie on it--along with a Truffaut short, Les Mistons! What about the segments from Love At Twenty by Ophuls and the other directors? They were nowhere to be seen on the FOX/Lorber DVD! The same can be said about the DVD extra for "The 400 Blows"--it has the Doinel short but none of the rest of the film. Quel dommage!

Now, in regard to the Antoine Doinel segment, I was VERY glad I saw it, as it was the most interesting and endearing I ever saw the character. Doinel appeared in several other Truffaut full-length films and this small segment was the final one I needed to see to complete them. It was lighter in tone and "cute" compared to the other incarnations--much lighter than 400 blows or the other films that have a more wistful edge to them. You see a hopeful Doinel just reaching adulthood--a decent guy--just REALLY awkward with the ladies.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

Oh first love!

Isn't it the purest and most beautiful thing ever? In this short film, François Truffaut takes us into the lives of Antoine and Colette and shows us how they experience their first love. Or do they really? He works in a record store and sees her during a concert. Not much later, the two get closer and spend their free time together. She's still doing her Bac at that point and is impressed by his independence. So are her parents and his dad approves particularly seeing himself in the young man when he was that age. He writes her a love letter, she is flattered and the two spend the night at the movies where he's finally ready to make the decisive move and kiss her. Could it all be true?

It's French and it's black and white. That should actually be enough information already for you to decide if you like it. It's not among my favorite short films, but I thought it still made a good watch with a quite realistic ending, even it was a bit of a bummer for my romantic self. It's pretty charming and what I probably liked most about it was how innocent its tone was from start to finish with both lead actors being under 18 when Truffaut shot the film. Pisier's untimely death makes me a bit sad, but I'm glad she left us this and many other films as a heritage. Recommended.

Reviewed by Quinoa1984 7 / 10

The French New Friend Zone

Or, Antoine finds out the hard way that it's really really important to read some of the signs that are there with a young woman who isn't reciprocating a kiss or even the holding of hands. He isn't actually quite so sympathetic as he is in the 400 Blows, but maybe the mid teenage years are just the absolute worst for someone who in partucular didn't have any guidance or role models when it came to a proper relationship - though we don't get it in a flashback here, remember how the only affection Antoine saw in his youth was happening to see his mother with another man making out on the streets - and his old buddy Rene isn't much help in the ways of romance or earning a woman's affections.

If there's anything that may make us go "ah no don't do that merde" in a kind of awkward way that shows his ignorance less than maliciousness, it's when he rents the space right across the street from her. What may still endear us to Antoine is that he realizes that he's all kinds of screwed up in reading the signs (ie the scene at the movie theater), and then that gut punch at the final dinner. Not to mention that all through this Leaud is still a compelling and sorrowful little force here, channeling a fine line between innocent and too much with his records and his fascination with Collette.

It's a short so we can only get so much, but it's like a bittersweet slice off of a piece of fruit to chew on before we get to the next Doinel (mis)adventure - the sweetness, lastly to note, coming from all that classical music that was so big with the youth then (oh, Antoine just wait till she meets the Beatles, but I digress). 7.5/10.

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