Assault on Wall Street


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 6 10 20611


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Mark Brandon as TV Host
Reese Alexander as Broker
Tyron Leitso as Spalding Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 8 / 10

A movie in the vein of Falling Down. A normal man is pushed too far and does things you only dream of. I say A-.

"The real criminals are downtown on Wall Street wearing suits that cost more then any of us make in a year and they steal more money the anyone on Rikers Island ever dreamed of." Jim Baxford (Purcell) is a hard working man with a very sick wife. When advice he took ends with him losing all his money when the stock market tanked his life begins to spiral out of control. When he loses everything he snaps, and no one is safe. This is a movie that will make you feel many different types of emotions, mostly anger. An everyman gets screwed over and the bad news seems to pile on him again and again and finally does what some have only dreamed of. This is another movie that I do not advocate what he does, but it sure is fun to watch. This movie reminded me a lot of Falling Down in the way that that character also snapped and does things that I have always wanted to. By the time he snaps you really feel for him and are almost happy he does. I really liked this and I recommend the movie highly. Overall, one of the best B movies I have seen and Uwe Boll's best movie to date. I give this an A-.

Reviewed by annuskavdpol 6 / 10

Revenge never is an answer

Assault on Wallstreet is a good story of the depth of the stock-market and how it influences the local citizens. This is a good story revealing how it must be for the little man and how the little man loses all while the financial elite continue to live a high quality of life on Wall-Street. The male lead character is not happy being a poor man as the rich get richer. This movie shows the emotion, anger and pain it feels like to be helpless in a seemingly rigged financial USA system. The depth that the lead male character goes through is intense, as he does not stop with one mishap (the assault and taxi hit and run situation). This movie is able to bring a human face to the financial crisis. Perhaps that is what the director intended on doing. The message came loud and clear to me: for some life deals a raw hand of cards.

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 7 / 10

Maxed Out

***SPOILERS*** The movie gets the "Death Wish" treatment when down and out and on the balls of his a** laid off security guard Jim Baxford, Dominic Purcell, goes postal when his entire world fell apart due to the criminality of the Wall Street bankers and stock brokers that he put his trust and life saving into. With both his and fellow investors money used to play the market with the financial institutions. That was supposed to keep it in safe corporate and government bonds putting it into unsecured junk bonds and worthless derivatives and home loans mortgages that went bust in the 2007-09 stock market crash. Now with his wife Rosie's, Erin Karpluk,health insurance not covering her medical expenses and facing a long and painful death she offs-or kills-herself in order to prevent her from any farther suffering.

Jim now having nothing to lose, he already lost everything, plans to do in those who screwed him out of his life savings his job his wife and home and is determined to get even by staging a kamikaze style assault on those in Wall Street who destroyed, by him believing in them, everything that he held near and dear to him. Armed to the teeth and wearing a Halloween mask Jim is more then ready to lose his life and take as many crooked brokers and greedy bankers along with him.

****SPOILERS****Wild and bloody final with Jim storming the office building that screwed him out of his life savings gunning down dozens of lawyers and brokers that he came in contact with during his non-stop rampage. Even taking time to shoot across and on the streets any person, wearing a suite and tie, he felt had anything to do with the corrupt dealing that destroyed his life and, in the case of his wife Rosie, happiness. The final showdown came in his broker Jeremy Stancroft's, John Heard, of the now bankrupt real estate growth fund's office with the police and swat teams storming the building he gave him a chance to defend himself by leaving his gun on the table thus giving Stancroft a fighting chance to use it! Only for the broker, who at first grabbed it, to find out it was empty and getting gunned down not by Jim but the police thinking that he, not Jim, was responsible for all the carnage in the building and on the street!

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