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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jake_fantom 3 / 10

A sporadically interesting waste of time

This belongs to that now ubiquitous genre of documentary which is propelled along by a suspenseful soundtrack, lots of moody closeups, and a sense that we are about to discover some awful truth -- but which ultimately leads straight down the same old rathole. The viewer takes a sudden plunge into the subculture of biohacking, which seems to consist largely of people who self-embed software devices in their bodies and concoct mysterious DNA potions to inject themselves with.

Oddly, many of these biohackers seem to have experimented on themselves in other ways, including implanting horns on their heads, extending their ears with black discs the size of dinner plates, and hammering various lengths of metal spikes in different parts of their bodies. Your reward for watching them disfigure themselves with various experiments for 90 minutes is that you get to hear them toot their own horns endlessly about how brilliant they are, and how they are revolutionizing... something. It is about then that you have the uncomfortable feeling of being in the company of Attention Vampires.

Against this backdrop, the story of one Aaron Traywick play out. He sees himself as a super scientist (with scant if any credentials) and a master marketer (with zero credentials), and he is determined to cash in on the biohacking phenom. So he organizes the motley crew of biohacker misfits and starts promoting "cures" for AIDS, herpes, aging and just about any other malady the flesh is heir to. Eventually, he comes to a bad end, in a meditation tub of all places. There is a bit of mumbling about whether it was the result of some deep conspiracy, or whether he killed himself. (No one has the temerity to ask if it's possible that he just dropped dead from injecting himself with one of his "cures.") And then, with a few more closeups and a bit more ominous music, the whole mess comes to an end with the obligatory closing captions about what became of the key players. And surprise, surprise -- absolutely nothing happened to any of them. None of their self-experiments worked. They're all in the same hopeless muddle they were in 90 minutes ago. Imagine that!

Reviewed by paul-allaer 5 / 10

Examining the questionable world of biohacking

"Citizen Bio" (2020 release; 96 min.) is a documentary about the the world of biohacking and related subcultures. As the movie opens, we are introduced to biohacker/free spirit Aaron Traywick, who is found dead at age 28. We then go to "A Few Months Earlier", as Traywick retells of his upbringing in Elsmore, Alabama, and eventually ending up in "Bethesda, Maryland", where his niece and lobbyist gives him a job in a healthcare non-profit. It isn't long before Traywick wades into the biohacking subculture, without any scientific background, promoting various "cures" along the way. At this point we are less than 15 min. into the documentary.

Couple of comments: this is the latest documentary from longtime producer (and here also director) Trish Dolman, whose previous work includes "Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Wilson". Here she looks at the world of biohacking and related subcultures. Never heard of Biohacking? Neither had I, but we get a Biohacking 101 introduction: a subculture of non-scientists who love to (self)experiment outside the mainstream (without FDA supervision) for major diseases like HIV, herpes and so forth. Is this even legal? Just watch. I must admit, I was taken aback by some of this, and frankly confused as to what the heck was going on for a good part of the film. And what exactly led to Traywick's death? All is revealed in due course. I almost gave up on this film halfway through but in the end stuck it out as I wanted to understand what happened to Traywick. But when all was said and done, I felt pretty much unmoved. It's one thing to want to "stick it to the man", as these biohackers clearly feel, but it's another thing when we are talking serious and major healthcare issues undertaken by non-scientists.

"Citizen Bio" premiered on Showtime this weekend, and is now available on SHO On Demand and other streaming services. If you have any interest in biohacking or in shady/edgy healthcare practices, I'd readily suggest you check this out and draw your own conclusion.

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