Cry of the Banshee


Action / Horror

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Hugh Griffith as Mickey
Harry Fielder as Militia Man
Stephen Rea as Villager
Vincent Price as Lord Edward Whitman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10

I love Vincent Price films...but not this one

WARNING TO PARENTS: Unlike almost all of Vincent Price's other horror films, this one has significant amounts of sex and nudity--some of which is rather violent and non-consensual. It is definitely NOT a film for young children. The nudity is all very exploitative and the torture scenes are rather intense. Exercise common sense when considering allowing your kids to see this very R-rated film.

This film is highly reminiscent of several of Price's other films of the era, such as WITCHFINDER GENERAL and DIARY OF A MADMAN. Each had to do with a magistrate who dispenses severe judgment in a sadistic and savage manner--most often with accused witches or innocent sexy ladies. And in each film, this supposed doer of good is actually much more wicked and worldly than the people he judges.

This particular film is set during the Tudor period in England. Price is lord of a manor and takes great delight in killing, torturing and raping accused witches. This time, however, he's not alone in his "duty" as his son seems to be a chip off the old block--and he, too, spends much of his time tormenting young maidens and his daughter takes delight in seducing men as well. It's so bad that the locals actually would probably prefer to have the town overrun with witches--they couldn't be nearly as wicked as Price's foul brood. So, it's up to the surviving witches to come to the rescue and purge this town of this ruling family.

Despite Price's character being 100% scum, there is a big plot hole in the film. When Oona the witch and her band of witches are caught having one of their ceremonies, half of them are hacked to death by Price's band of thugs. Then, inexplicably, he lets Oona and a few of the survivors to go!! This makes even less sense when Oona tells Price that she'll get revenge!! At this point, why didn't he just blow her head off and be done with it?! If I were this evil and someone threatened to kill me, I sure would have had them killed instantly! So apparently, Price is evil AND stupid! So it's certainly no surprise to anyone but Price when Oona releases the powers of Satan on him and his wicked family.

As you can tell by my description so far, this is not typical of Vincent Price's other horror films. While in many he plays wicked men who abuse their power, none are as sensual or sexually abusive as this film. Some may like this style of film, but many will likely be turned off by the nudity and in particular the rapes and sexual abuse. It just seems to cross the line--making the film a lot less fun than the usual Price horror film. Plus, audience members who have experienced sexual abuse themselves might find this all very disturbing indeed.

Now this isn't to say that this is a poor quality film (aside from some cheesy hell hound scenes). In fact, in many ways it's much better made than the Roger Corman films of the 1960s that made Price so famous. The cinematography, sets, twist ending and acting are all pretty good--but also very gritty and unpleasant as well--though you no doubt will enjoy seeing the hell hound rip this wicked clan to pieces and seeing others driven insane! All in all, a very scary but even more unpleasant film--one that lacks fun or charm and can be a chore to watch. I think BaronBl00d's review put it best when it described the film as " of the most depraved, heartless, cold centers of any film I have seen in a long time". I certainly can't recommend it and hope never to see this film again--even thought I really do like Price's horror films.

By the way, in a funny mistake in the film, watch the scene where an accused witch is being roasted over a fire. She screams and screams so much that Price's nice son comes to her rescue. Now here's the funny part--as this son fights with the torturer, the lady just hangs there and just blandly looks on--and doesn't scream at all even though she STILL is hanging over the fire!! Then, when the fight is over, she begins screaming again! It's all very poorly done and gave me a chuckle.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Not a bad movie, but not really a great one either

I generally like period horrors, and Vincent Price is one of my all-time favourite actors. Cry of the Banshee is not one of the best examples of period horror but hardly one of the worst either. It does have quite a number of good assets. The opening title sequence is very imaginative, and the ending is effectively creepy. It does look good, well photographed with some nice settings, and the score is haunting without ever feeling overdone or misplaced. In a very Matthew Hopkins-like role, Cry of the Banshee doesn't see Vincent Price at his very finest, but even when he is not at his best you-considering his calibre- are guaranteed an at least memorable performance, and with much of what made him so good an actor you get that with Price. The supporting cast don't stand out as much apart from the ladies being irresistibly beautiful, but they are wholly competent and nobody is terrible. It is interesting to see Stephen Rea in a very early role. On the other hand, little is done to develop the characters or to make them interesting, so as a consequence they do come across as standard and cold. Price's character sort of worked in the cold factor as he was meant to be, but one does wish that there was more to him than was shown. The direction is rather routine though hardly a hack-job, while the story suffers from a general lack of spooky atmosphere replaced with some scenes that come across as on the silly and overly-lightweight side, and the dialogue felt stilted to me. So all in all, not bad but not great, mixed reception generally for me. 5/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Solid witch-burning fare

We're back in familiar WITCHFINDER GENERAL territory as Vincent Price sends all manner of innocent young girls to be burned and tortured in this enjoyable period potboiler. However, CRY OF THE BANSHEE lacks the power of its obvious influence and is content to go through the motions instead. There is nothing wrong with this, and it remains a thoroughly entertaining movie which seems exactly like a Hammer film in all but name.

The atmospheric forest scenery certainly adds to the lavish look of the film as do the costumes. Despite the low budget these all look authentic. What is surprising is the amount of gratuitous nudity in this film - a lot more than was offered in other films of the time. Almost every female in this film has her top torn off at one time or another, perhaps making this more enjoyable for the male viewers. The violence level is pretty graphic, too, although the disappointing gore only consists of some cheap-looking blood smeared over a few necks and faces. Also, the chief villain in this film is a werewolf, and when we finally get to see it, it looks really disappointing, just a bloke with brown makeup on his face.

The cast is pretty good for a film of this sort, with Price relishing a role which he could play in his sleep by now - although he keeps the hamming to a bare minimum here. His male supporting cast are mainly macho, handsome actors of the period - such as Patrick Mower - and fail to make much impact, leaving Price to hog much of the limelight for himself. It's only Hugh Griffiths in a fun role as a gravedigger who stands out from the mostly similar-looking crowd. Loads of pretty actresses also populate the cat, including WITCHFINDER GENERAL's Hilary Dwyer and THE OBLONG BOX's Sally Geeson.

So, for Hammer fans, this is fine entertainment with plenty of intrigue and action to keep things moving quickly over the rather familiar plot. Any film which has suspicious priests and people descending into broken tombs to break up evil gatherings where the high priestess is sticking pins into a voodoo doll is good by my book, and no mistake. Not the most powerful of the witch-burning genre, but a solid enough piece of entertainment, no mistake.

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