Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 16558

Keywords:   homophobia

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Sally Kirkland as Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spewy29167 5 / 10

Over-played caricature of alt-right

This film is a character study of an alt-right man that's a sexist, gun obessed incel that lives in his mother's basement. He takes life far too seriously and blames everyone else for his failures including left of center politics, women and especially immigrants and minorities.

This movie seems to want to ridicule people that are on the right, or at least trigger them, and vilify them as little better than psychopaths wound up by a ocean of online hatred. When dealing with this thorny subject it would be much better to attempt to analyse why the world has become so polarized, as to why these people blame so many others for their lack of social and economic mobility and how they are so bound up in a internet opinion echo chamber seige mentality of hate. Instead of finger point and laugh and condemn, it's far better to try to understand and discuss.

Even though the movie does not offer any real insights or understanding on a political or social level the acting and direction are all beyond satisfactory. Worth a watch and good for sparking discussion, but I'm not sure what this movie is really trying to achieve, so I feel it's somewhat exploitative. If there was a resolution in which the protagonist was able to come to a new outlook as American History X it would be a more deserving piece of cinema. I worry this work will harden divides instead of soften them.

Reviewed by raynor95 1 / 10

What the F

Seriously what the hell did the people behind this were thinking when they came up with this movie? It seems like to me they went fishing for trolls and plebs on 4chan /pol and selected some of the worst posts there and then they had a movie script. I had to stop 30 mins in when he was giving his mom a bath. That's f...ed up man, really. The director behind this movie must have a real messed up psyche to produce this garbage. I have to wonder what kind of person you have to be to praise this. A Disgusting one for sure. I feel I should be suing someone to make them pay for loosing 30 minutes of my life on this.

Reviewed by ks-60500 6 / 10

Please read!

Rationalize the killing I hope is not the feeling after people watching this one. Agree that Ronnie was grow up with a terrible background and meet people that treated him like shxt. Those people are literally the monster but still the way to solve problem wasn't that way. It's sad.

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