1991 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Crime

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Dominique Pinon as Louison
Karin Viard as Mademoiselle Plusse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by postmanwhoalwaysringstwice 10 / 10

absolutely riveting!!!!

Melding the perfect mixture of the visual grace of a silent film with a modern soundscape and bearing a twenty-first century post-apocalyptic sardonic sense of humor, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro's "Delicatessen" becomes one of the finest contemporary films.

This pitch black comedy delves into cannibalism and oddball romance in the same breath with equal gusto and therefore feels horrific, humorous, and haunting all at once. Every frame is a wonder of detail and originality that reinvigorates even the most jaded and long-time film viewer with the sense of rediscovering the art form. This is film-making in the highest regard worthy of praise, awe, and multiple viewings.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

Amazing but not to all tastes!

This is one of the weirdest and most original films I have seen in a very long time. The film is about a post-apocalyptic future, though the future looks an awful lot like France circa 1950 (as well as having burned out hulks of buildings and the sky is brown). The set design and costumes look very much like the future world of Terry Gilliam's film, BRAZIL. It is supposed to be the future but the design is purely rooted in the past--as if on some alternate reality Earth.

In this dystopic world, there isn't much to eat and society has disintegrated. The film is all set in and around a dilapidated apartment building where the tenants all survive thanks to the landlord--who butchers newcomers for the consumption of all!! Despite being a very dark subject, this cannibal fantasy is actually quite funny and charming (that is, apart from when they are hacking the unsuspected into cutlets).

Into this sick micro-society comes a rather homely man, Louisan--the next unsuspecting victim. Now that I think about it, this film abounded with strange looking cast members--as if Fellini somehow were involved with the project. However, the landlord's daughter falls for this new guy and is determined to do her best to help this poor guy to escape--even if it means enlisting the aid of the dreaded troglodytes! As you no doubt can tell from the summary, this is one weird and original film. However, had the film not been done with such a light and comedic touch, it would have been yet another schlocky teen blood-feast films. But with the tongue in cheek attitude and lots of wonderfully dark little vignettes, the film is remarkably charming--even if it is about cannibals.

Exceptionally well written, amazing visuals (you can't help but be riveted) and a wonderful freshness make this a very enjoyable treat. However, because of the subject matter, I am sure this sick film won't be to everyone's taste! Also, because there are so many clever and small little touches to this film, it sure bears repeated viewing so you can catch it all.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Quirky, and then some

Jean-Pierre Jeunet is the man behind AMELIE but ten years before that he made the equally quirky, if not more so, DELICATESSEN, a film about the lives and loves of the bizarre characters living inside a run-down apartment building. A film more French in feel and tone you couldn't wish for, and this is a movie with style to spare. In many ways it reminded me of the novels of the great 19th century writer Emile Zola, who often shone a light on society's foibles in a similar way.

Saying that, although I liked this film on a superficial level, I found it difficult to love it. It's a definite case of style over substance, and there isn't really much 'meat' to go with the plot. The villain of the piece is a caricature and there's a sense of inertia dragging through the early and middle scenes; it only really picks up at the admittedly impressive climax. Still, the cast are good, the humour is droll, and there's a part for Franco regular Howard Vernon, so it can't all be bad.

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