Dollman vs. Demonic Toys


Action / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 1421


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Phil Fondacaro as Ray Vernon
Tim Thomerson as Brick Bardo
Tracy Scoggins as Judith Grey
Frank Welker as Baby Oopsy-Daisy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 5 / 10

Two movies, recycled stock footage equal a sequel for both films!

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (1993) was a sequel for Full Moon's two minor video hits DOLLMAN and THE DEMONIC TOYS. Tracy Scoggins (Demonic Toys) and Tim Thomerson (Dollman) reprise there starring roles in this weird, short and economic sequel. Those evil and wacky dolls from DEMONIC TOYS are giving more headaches and causing grief for Ms. Scoggins. She can''t defeat these twisted toys by herself. Help comes in the form of that diminutive alien Dollman. Dollman armed with his high tech pistol evens the odds against those annoying toys. Can they defeat the toys once and for all? Will Dollman ever get back home? Do they have enough real footage to make this movie enjoyable? You'll have to find out if you really want to track down a copy of DOLLMAN VS. THE DEMONIC TOYS.

For die hard fans only.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 5 / 10

What can The Scarecrow say?

The film, as reviewed already by many on this site, is a bit short. It gets on with it leaving little room for us to see built story. A hobo falls from a little child's tricycle and his head smashes the solid floor so hard his blood flows for ages, not to mention something magic about his blood "creates" four demonic dolls from thin air and little bolts of lightning. They are the same demonic dolls beleaguered cop Tracy Coggins battled in a previous film{labeled "Demonic Toys"}..a clown with a snake's tail, a baby doll with a potty mouth, an action figure with a twisted sense of rage on his face, and one of those toy robots with lasers that blast out little light rays of red. Coggins realizes that these toys are simply too small for her to reach within the toy factory ducts so she enlists the aide of alien cop from Artorous Tim Thomerson{from the film "Dollman"}and miniature nurse hottie Melissa Behr{from "Bad Channels"}to stop them once and for all. Scoggins is in this film maybe ten minutes, but is quite good in her way too limited time. Thomerson is the true reason to watch this film for he gets to blast dolls with his gun that blows things to smithereens and quip phrases like "Pop goes the weasel". Behr is here for the eye candy. The film lets us into all three crossover stories to this film's point. It's filler for a total absence of story and saves a lot of money, also. Still, it seems that everyone is having fun, but one can really see the budgetary constraints on the filmmakers when it comes to visual effects. The dolls have some large shots against Thomerson and Behr which don't match well with single takes of the dolls from afar. The film's length also shows proper lack of funding. It's clear Full Moon has always been limited somewhat by lack of budget, but always seem to provide casts with spunk. The film has a perverted sense of humor and if one likes this type of junk might really enjoy it despite how really silly it all is.

Reviewed by vamp88 8 / 10

full moon fun

First off, I am a fan of the full moon films from the early and mid 90's. So it was cool to see a mix of their franchises on the screen. Like most Full Moon Fanatics, I can't really say why they appeal to me, the budgets aren't high, but the acting is usually above normal straight to video fare and they entertain, I guess that's the bottom line..they entertain.

Now for this movie in particular. The effects were fine (except for the large Baby oopsy),Tim Thomerson always delivers, and both female leads (Tracy Scroggins, and Mellisa Behr), are attractive and do a fine job. Baby Oopsie-Daisy is a riot. I have to admit I really enjoyed the movie, a great way to spend and hour, and that leads me to my only complaint. It was only 64 minutes long. Add in the opening and closing credits along with the flashback sequences to the other movies (Dollman, Demonic Toys, and Bad Channels) to introduce the main characters back stories and you were well under an hour. Now I prefer a shorter movie to a long one. If you can't tell your story in 2hours or so you just aren't trying (in most cases). But this was a little too short, no development. Why did the dwarf security guard join the demonic toys so quickly, who was that girl they sacrificed where did she come from? Show me something rather then explain it with one line of dialog. Anyway felt more like an hour long TV episode rather then a movie.

Final decision : I really enjoyed the time spent watching it. There were some good, and some below average effects. Slightly underdeveloped story and characters, but in the end it entertained. It was funny, had some decent action, and was just plain fun.

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