Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower


Action / Animation / Drama / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.5 10 2316


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Stephanie Sheh as Illyasviei von Einzbern
Crispin Freeman as Kirei Kotomine
Patrick Seitz as True Assassin
Todd Haberkorn as Assassin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by irbazsabik 9 / 10

The animation is a treat to the eyes and it is giving a vibe different from other routes

Story-line => 4/5 (The plot is not clear yet); Acting => 4/5 (No particular character stood out in acting but overall it was good.); Directing => 5/5 (The presentation was nice and the planning to not repeat what is already show was nicely transitioned. ); Animation => 5/5 (Treat to the eyes); Screenplay => 3/5 (The screenplay was not very deep like Fate Zero); Personal Recommendation => 5/5 (If you watched Fate Zero and UBW, you must watch this and the later 2 parts also.);

Overall Personal Rating => 8.7/10

Reviewed by kaiju-92653 10 / 10

Bring on Lost Butterfly.

I saw this movie twice, during its release in the US, & I'm glad I did. The movie had beautiful Animation, the characters are just as memorable here if not better than the previous Fate series, it had great comedic moments, awesome action, & certainly some Dark & creepy moments. Yes, Fate/Zero was dark, this movie is just as dark if not Darker, for a movie that mostly relied on build up, it got brutal. I like changes that were added to the movie, it actually works & certainly gives us a better understanding of the characters. The only negative I can give to this movie, is that I would not recommend it any new comers of Fate, you have to watch Fate/Zero & UBW first, before you see this movie.

Reviewed by anujpathak-94368 10 / 10


Its really great and please don't judge it by ratings !! , its far better

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