2018 [RUSSIAN]

Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 2.9 10 475

Keywords:   space, astronaut, cosmos

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DeusWar 5 / 10

Forsaken: USA vs Russian Mars Programs Compared

In America if you are sent on a space mission to Mars things will go wrong, but you will adapt and survive. Eventually America will send a vessel to come rescue you. It will somehow make it to Mars and rescue you. You will be a hero when you return.

In Russia if you are sent on a space mission to Mars things will go wrong, your crew will return home and leave you there. Oligarchs will promise to rescue you, but actually they will exploit you to make a ton of money on a TV show. Corrupt government officials will get arrested, then the government will apologize to you and leave you to die. Oh yeah and Aliens will mess with you, and maybe even rescue you because they realize you are Russian and they will feel sorry for you.

Hope that helps.

Reviewed by ashalisalamdanam 8 / 10

Not so bad

The movie is not a mere story about an astronaut left on Mars. It's more about politics and money that become more important than a human life. This story is totally opposite to "The Martian",

Reviewed by goglyk 1 / 10

"Meaningless emptiness"

Total failure, the film is about nothing, without a storyline, without any meaning

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