Freaky Friday


Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Music / Romance

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Top cast

Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman
Christina Vidal as Maddie
Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess Coleman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 8 / 10


This is about the third adaptation of the Mary Rodgers novel. Finally, the team behind this film has gotten it together. It's obvious the original text has been revised in order to include the language of today. But the best thing about the movie is the casting assembled for it, with a sure director's hand behind it.

Actually, this is about the first film that has made me laugh since "Bringing down the house" that came out earlier this year. Most comedies today seem to forget that the basic premise for their existence is to amuse the audiences and entertain them, at the same time.

Mark Waters, the director shows he has a fine sense of how to make things move constantly in this comedy about identity changes. Of course, this film wouldn't be half the fun it is without Jamie Lee Curtis, who has never been as effective in any previous films. Her take on Tess Coleman, the not so cool therapist, strikes the right tone.

Her daughter is played with a lot of conviction by Lindsay Lohan, who is totally believable as the typical teen ager working through the pain of losing a father and getting a replacement she is not too fond of.

Things move at a rapid pace; there is never a dull moment in the film. It's a perfect summer comedy that will leave the viewer satisfied and happy.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 8 / 10

A great remake

Freaky Friday, this was such a funny movie, and a huge surprise for 2003. This is actually a new favorite comedy of mine; Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan have such a great chemistry, I was really impressed with, new comer, Lohan's performance. She and Jamie just made this film an absolute blast to watch. I think I loved Jamie more though, she captured the whole essence of being a teenager perfectly, she did not over do it at all. Not to mention she's just an absolute pleasure to watch on screen, she's such a terrific actress, I love her so much. The story was just so perfect to update into today's society where everyone is so busy to even notice each other.

Anna is a teenage girl, she's pretty typical, she loves music, is a bit angry with her life, a bit of a drama queen, is annoyed by her little brother, and annoyed with her mother who is constantly on her case. Tess, Anna's mom, is a busy lady with a constant on the move schedule, she and Anna just constantly bump heads with one thing or another. Tess is also getting married again to a man who Anna is not too fond of. One night when Anna asks her mom if she can perform at a concert on the night of the wedding rehearsal, it doesn't go so well and they get into a huge fight. The restaurant owner's mom gives them a fortune cookie and ends up switching bodies. They end up learning that maybe their lives are a little harder than what they really expected it to be.

Freaky Friday is a very enjoyable film that I'm very sure you'll have a good time watching. It's a very impressive comedy for any age. My favorite scene was without a doubt when Anna(in Tess's body) goes on TV discussing her latest book and tells the truth about why adults worry so much, not to mention the scene where Tess and Anna discover their bodies are switched. This is just a great remake, it has a great cast, a fun script, and is just all around a good movie, I highly recommend it.


Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Surprisingly enjoyable film, headed by two excellent leads!

I enjoyed this film, and I do slightly prefer it to the Jodie Foster version. True, the first 15 minutes were a bit slow, and some of the script was a bit weak, not to mention the rather predictable storyline. But you know what, the performances of Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis more than compensated, their performances were really entertaining, and I felt the chemistry between them. I loved the soundtrack, and I thought it was very sensible updating the story, so that it would appeal more to someone like my 13 year old sister, who really enjoyed it. The script, while contrived in some places, was on the whole, very funny, and anyone who's seen the 1976 film, will get a more of the same film, except updated. What I did like, is that Lohan's character is a representation of all of us, someone who doesn't do mornings, doesn't always get on with her mum, and has friends and enemies. In the 1976 version, Jodie Foster's interpretation was more sensible than Lohan's, who put a bit of her other films in, which is quite appealing for this sort of film. Overall, an enjoyable film, with a 7/10. Bethany Cox

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