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Amy Ryan as Gale
Jeff Glover as Gym Teacher
Amanda Lund as Officer Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 8 / 10

Moves at a steady pace with enuff monsters n fun to keep u entertained.

I revisited this with my daughter n nephew last evening. The best part about this film is that it moves at a very steady pace n doesn't get boring or preachy at all.

A teenage boy unintentionally unleashes the monsters from Stine's books. It has all the monsters but the focus is more on the Werewolf n Snowman n both of em r pretty well done. Since it's based on the children's book n one of the best part about the books is that they never contain any depravity, drugs or violence. So dont expect monster mayhem in this film.

Reviewed by capone666 7 / 10

The Vidiot Reviews...

Goosebumps The best part about meeting your favorite author is finally getting to tell them how to improve their books. Unfortunately, the teen in this family-comedy is only interested in the writer's daughter. When Zach (Dylan Minnette) and his mom (Amy Ryan) move in next-door to Mr. Shivers (Jack Black) and his daughter Hanna (Odeya Rush), Zach is instantly smitten with her. But when Zach and his friend (Ryan Lee) break into Hanna's house to free her from her father, they not only discover that Shivers is actually kid lit author R.L. Stine, but accidentally bring every monster he created for his horror series to life. A wholly original tale featuring elements from every Goosebumps book and TV episode, this awesome adaptation benefits greatly from Black's maniacal performance, as well as its spunky script and first-rate effects. However, if everything they wrote materialized authors would just write about licensed theme parks. Green Light

Reviewed by Anish Misra 7 / 10

Goosebumps review

Goosebumps is a film directed by Rob Letterman. back in 2015, when I watched the film I liked it. It made me remember the Goosebumps series that I had watched back in the 90's. So I decided to watch it again in order to write it a review. I again felt the same.

Plot: RL Stine teams up with a group of tenagers to stop his monsters from creating havoc in the town of Madison.

Story and direction: I haven't read the Gossebumps books, but still I can say that this was an enjoyable film. The comedy was spot on. I chucked on most of the jokes that were cracked. Also most of the characters were quite likable> we get to see the kinds of similarities that both Rl Stine and Zach face. LAos dealt with quite greatly is the mother-son dynamic between Zach and his mother. I hope that aspect would have been explored more. The creatures wre quite entertaining in their own way. But sometimes while watching I felt that there was a big VFX creature being watched. The VFX was very superficial in some places that irritated me a lot. Also I felt that I didn't have so many memorable moments in the film that would make the film last long in my mind.

Performances: Jack Black once again stole the show for me. He nailed it as R L Stine. HIs voice work as Slappy and the Invisible Boy were on point. Dylan Minette was great too. Same can be said for Odeya Rush and Ryan Lee. Why was Jillian Bell taken also is not yet understood by me. Both the actors who portrayed police officers were also OK. I hoped that Amy Ryan get more screen time. It was good to see RL Stine (the original Goosebumps author) get a screen time.

Favorite Scene: It would be the scene depicting the small conversation between Zach and R L Stine to depict how similar they are. That scene touched me a bit.

Verdict: Goosebumps is a very enjoyable film. Don't keep any expectations while watching the film. Keep a free mind while watching this venture, you will surely be entertained by it.

I am going with a 7.5/10.

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