Happy Birthday


Action / Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 907

Keywords:   best friend, prank, cockfight

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Tristin Mays as Janie
Matthew Willig as El Caballo
Vanessa Lengies as Katie Elizondo
Erik Palladino as Texican
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10


Sometimes you can be a prisoner. Even as a filmmaker you can be one. You set up something and you set it up too tight. The walls close around you and there is no where else to go. The characters in this know what I'm talking about and once you've watched it (or very likely while you watch it) you will too.

The thing is, if you do a movie that is carried by this one "special" ingredient, it may very well fall short. But of course as with other movies (one comes to mind from the 90s, which had way better production values and way better actors in it) this can work for some. Those will just be entertained with what is being delivered to them. And if you can do that, without seeing the many flaws, that is good for you. Doesn't make the movie special though

Reviewed by jasonclarkevfx 2 / 10

just awful and obvious

The whole way through, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. everything you think is happening, is totally happening. it's toothless, it's obvious, it actually gets a little racist in an unaware sort of way, and it's worst sin of all, it's boring.

and there's what i don't get, they threw it ALL the elements they could think of to keep your attention, and it still managed to be boring. i held on to the end, iron willed, waiting for 'something', but all you'll get is the twist that was all but promised from the first moment in.

Reviewed by organicsocial 6 / 10

Genre Bending But Interestingly Meh!

Who haven't watched Hangover? You have been living under a rock if you haven't seen the movie about a bunch of partying dudes tripping and puking in the middle of a desert. One of them is lost and the rest try to get him back. Then there's less popular Due Date with the same bearded guy from Hangover, tormenting Robert Downey Jr. They end up in Mexico remember? Then there is even lesser known Search Party with Thomas Middleditch and TJ Miller. It's about rescuing a friend lost in Mexico. This theme is getting tiresome now. To add another film to the list is a bit of a risk. Happy Birthday tries it and survives the sandstorm.

The movie is a bit too thin on the plot, as in, I could jeopardize the entire story by simply mentioning one little detail or by referring to a certain Michael Douglas movie. It's so easy to spoil. Doing that won't be fair to the makers of this film because they obviously tried their best. Yet, I should say it's easy to predict the ending once you are half way through. It's hard to shock the audience these days.

The bit about genre bending is true though. What begins as a stoner comedy takes a turn towards horror and crime thriller. This itself is a fine achievement on the part of the writers. The movie even features a bizarre guest appearance from Steven Tylor of Aerosmith. He's quite good in his character as well. It's a good indie flick with enough scares. However, we are not left with the intended effect at the end. Like the hero of the story, we too want to find a way to get even.

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