Haunting of Cellblock 11


Action / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 716

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Dee Wallace as Ms. Simon
Charley Koontz as Berger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jayerasmus 2 / 10

Left wanting

The film started off promising, giving hints that this could be a surprisingly good low budget film. Unfortunately I was surprised but not in a good way. The film built up as any good horror film would however at the first opportunity to capture the audience the acting failed miserably. I have seen several high school projects and the the students in those projects gave far better performances than this crew. The acting was below terrible. The character shallow with no depth in any way. At no point did I want any of the characters NOT to die. The lines, camera angles, unrealistic reactions (or complete lack of reactions) and absence of a basic plot made me register on IMDb so that I could warn others about this film.

Reviewed by shawnblackman 4 / 10

Not Very Scary

A ghost hunting team travel to a reportedly haunted prison in an effort to save their ailing TV show which has yet to have a ghost sighting. They get more then they bargained for when they start finding angry prisoner ghosts and the door to get out is chained.

This one is not very good as most scare factors are shutting doors, falling objects and the odd ghost image. Nothing too heavy. I was surprised it wasn't done as a found footage. Dee Wallace has a three minute scene at the beginning which probably was where there entire budget went in paying her wage, flight and hotel. The other actors in this one you'll forget after the film is over as I already do. Skip this one.

Reviewed by usmanbaig-84712 9 / 10

Enjoyable horror movie

A group of paranormal investigators belong to some TV show need to deliver that thriller stuff to boost the ratings of their struggling TV show, so agree to film an episode in an old abandoned prison. I read some reviews that were too negative, so I was not hoping this movie to be as good as I experienced myself.it's a worth watching movie.i shall recommend this one. Nice acting plus story with some nice scares.the movie kept my concentration throughout the movie. Overall I felt like it was a good attempt.specially I like the ending.If you are a horror fan then I consider this movie as a success.It has that thriller ,horror mystery kind of elements that I like to see in a movie. They did full justice to this movie.

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