Jonas Brothers Family Roast


Comedy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 11%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 344


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudiaveronicaarias 7 / 10

Amusing, but lacked something

I was always a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers growing up and still am. Most of the jokes I already expected and knew about. It was decent but there was something missing. I feel like if Comedy Central hosted this it would be way more raunchy. It felt sort of safe to me.

Highlights were definitely Joe, Pete, and Sophie. The rest were pretty good too.

Reviewed by pattie_cakes 3 / 10

Comedy Central, please make another roast

The by-product of too long of a break in Comedy Central Roast.

This 'special' deserves to be roasted by every person who reviews it, because reading reviews on here is more entertaining than this scripted pile of...

Reviewed by sukumar-83997 4 / 10


PG rated harmless and bland 'roast'. Keenan as the host is boring and not funny. Pete Davidson is marginally better. Dr. Phil is way past expiration date. Boring material from all the brothers and their sexy wives.

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