Justice League: War


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
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Gary Anthony Sturgis as Teammate #2
Georgie Kidder as Freddy Freeman / Max / Additional Voices
Richard McGonagle as President / News Anchor
Zach Callison as Billy Batson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbroughton1994 8 / 10

Not DC's best, but still a fun movie.

I was particularly excited for this film for two reasons. First, I read and thoroughly enjoyed Justice League Origin, the comic off which the movie is based. Second, I am a huge fan of DC's animated universe since Batman: TAS. While "War" is not as good as "Doom" or "Under the Red Hood", it is a solid addition to a long line of great movies. Pros:

The entire movie was a visual treat. The style of animation is clearly different from other DC movies, but it's not bad, in fact I thought it was more visually appealing. From start to end, the animation delivers a clear and rich experience that definitely makes it more enjoyable.

Some have criticized War for weak plot and underdeveloped characters. They are right to some extent, for the plot is very basic with little information given on motive for Darksied's invasion. However the story is impressively accurate to its source material. So if you don't like the plot, take it up with Geoff Johns. Furthermore, we all know who each of the characters are, so an in-depth biopic of each Leaguer would be a waste of time. The comic is called Origin, and that's what this is, an origin of the Justice League so don't expect a ton of individual character development. My biggest complaint regarding accuracy would be the fact that Aquaman was replaced with Shazam. I'm as big a Captan Marvel fan as the next guy, but it was still disappointing that the king of Atlantis still doesn't get any love even after Geoff Johns did such a great job of finally making him cool. Furthermore, the personalities and even a good bit of dialogue of the characters could have been pulled directly from the pages of the comic. The dynamic between the heroes, especially Batman and Green Lantern, provided many of the best scenes, not to mention the funniest. I laughed out loud several times throughout and did not feel like the comedy, which was definitely more present here than in other films, took away from the experience of a film that is very centered on action.

Cons: Like most other reviewers, my only truly valid complaint involves voice casting. Most of the voices are adequate, and none of them are great. The best represented voices were definitely The Flash by Christopher Gorham, and Cyborg by Shemar Moore. Batman, performed by Jason O'Mara did sufficiently, but after growing up on Kevin Conroy, it was difficult to hear such a different voice coming from the cape and cowl. Steve Blum as Darksied brings a new kind of voice to the uber-powerful new god, but makes him seem more like a monster than a super intelligent being. The worst voice was by far Superman. Firefly star Alan Tudyk voices Superman, but fails to convey any gravitas or personality consistent with Superman.

Overall Justice League War received an 8 from me. While not DC's best contribution to the world of animation, but a fun, comical, and action-packed ride nonetheless. If you are a fan of DC and comics in general than it is definitely worth buying, if not it's still worth at least one viewing.

Reviewed by Joseph Kalai 6 / 10

Grade: C+ - a weak effort by DC Animation

Grade: C+

This was a weak effort by DC Animation (DCA), especially following The Flashpoint Paradox, Doom and Crisis on Two Earths. It was let down critically in several areas, namely in Voice acting, Characterization and Plot.

Voice acting & Characterization:

Superman - Alan Tudyk is miscast in this. He is unable to effectively personify the hero that Superman is and comes off a bit of douchebag in certain moments. The costume he wears in this is not classic...and IMHO it does not look great. They could have updated it without losing the iconic look too much (e.g. Man of Steel).

Supes himself comes off as having a God-complex in this film. He does not seem the noble, self-sacrificing, protect the innocent type of hero we've all come to know and love. He also seems mildly de-powered, though he is easily the most physically supreme of the lot. As usual he disappears half-way through the film and needing Bats to save his ass.

Batman - Jason O'Mara did an OK job with gravitas. Strangely he sounded a bit of a mix between Kevin Conroy and David Hayter (Metal Gear series) - which is a good thing. Bats is well characterized in this film and comes across as the investigative lone-wolf type hero.

WW - Michelle Monaghan admirably captured WW quite well. The character was also kick-ass (with a nice ass!) and very warrior-like. Well done!

Flash - Chris Gorham did Flash well. He was also portrayed well being slightly more mature in attitude without lacking the wisecracks.

Green Lantern - poor characterization. While Justin Kirk did the voice OK, the character lacks maturity and is not a leader-type. This is more the Ryan Reynolds version of Hal at work.

Cyborg - well done Shemar! Super character to introduce in greater detail.

Captain Marvel - welcome back Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee)! Great job and good character as a boy with Superpowers.

Darkseid - poorly executed. They reduced him to a brawler instead of a master schemer. Insanely powerful though, able to resist the entire Justice League all at once.

Animation style: This is more Korean anime style (as opposed to Japanese anime) which I find more appealing. It tends to moderate between Japanese and Western animation styles. Those who dislike Japanese anime style may find this more tolerable.

Plot: Weak JL genesis plot. Darkseid's invasion play has no clear motive other than to obtain Kal-El. The rest of the heroes are just there because...well...they need to be there to.become.the.Justice.League. Right? ;)

Overall: Poor effort by DCA. I feel they let themselves down by approving an underpar script and miscasting Superman. It doesn't compare favorably to past efforts though still watchable for fans.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

Less than heroic and less than legendary

Love animation and have really enjoyed to loved many superhero films, animated and live-action. Justice League has always interested me too. So it does pain me to say that count me in as another person who was disappointed by 'Justice League: War'.

Is 'Justice League: War' that bad? No, not to me it's not. There are things that make it watchable. There are also just as many things that make it underwhelming. Considering that this is Justice League and containing many of the world's most famous and most interesting superheroes and character, 'Justice League: War should have been much better and doesn't do the Justice League justice.

'Justice League: War's' animation is mostly fine. There are some very nice detailed backgrounds, some characters are designed well and the colours are dynamic and atmospheric.

The music is both haunting and rousing, a good fit for the film's mood. The action is nicely animated and has a good amount of thrills.

The voice acting is variable, but Shemar Moore's Cyborg and Christopher Gorham's Flash are spot on, while Sean Astin has a chirpy enthusiasm and Jason O'Mara is a credible replacement for Kevin Conroy (big Batman shoes to fill and he does credibly, but he will always suffer in comparison). Of the characters, Cyborg and Batman are the most interesting and well done.

However, do have to agree that too much of the characterisation is off. Superman is so out of character and Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are annoying. Darkseid is one-dimensional and far too ordinary a villain with very vague motivations.

Other voice actors don't fare particularly well, especially Alan Tyduk's anaemic Superman, Justin Kirk's whiny Green Lantern and Michelle Monaghan's lifeless Wonder Woman. Steve Blum actually does a great job as Darkseid as far as voice acting quality goes, but it was like the film intended Darkseid to be different to how he was here and then changed their minds after the voice acting was done, because Blum is too sinister and dangerous for a character that is neither.

Writing is far too crude and childish (especially Wonder Woman, even a troubled teenager would find her dialogue embarrassing), a writing style that feels out of place and distorts and dumbs down the characters. The story rarely excites, outside of the action, and leaves too many ideas and conflicts unresolved and confused.

Appreciate the efforts to try and give everyday conflicts and quirks to the characters, but too many don't go anywhere and only succeed in making the characters bland, annoying and stripping them of what made them as popular as they are. Liked most of the animation, but the CGI does look artificial, there are a few samey character designs and some scenes looked under-populated.

In summary, less than heroic and less than legendary. 5/10 Bethany Cox

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