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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pronitmallick 6 / 10

Same Dish New Name

Kate is a movie that starts by glocking down a compelling presentation into the chamber. Starting from the first act the presentation travels at a good speed but hits a few bumps in its path as it approaches the 2nd and 3rd act. The main focus of the movie Mary Elizabeth Winstead has delivered a performance that fits into the magazines of expectations. The story and the elements of this movie don't appear in front of us as something really new or completely different, instead it feeds us the food with some of the old recipes we have already tasted before. Director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan has given his best to grab us on the seat with the presentation itself as it works till a certain level. After that we start to get bored a little and just wanna skip to the end to see the final outcome, especially when things starts to become quite predictable. The action scenes seasoned the presentation in a good way but it could have been more spicy. Overall it's a film you can definitely watch with a glass of soda in your hand. In terms of watching it is mixed where some people would wanna watch it again and others don't.

Reviewed by Movi3DO 7 / 10

Fun movie despite predictable plot

Shoot them in the stomach. They die slow, in agony, and they know, it's personal.

A brand new original Netflix movie starring Woodie Harrelson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Stylistically this movie was awesome. Tokyo at night looked vibrant with many colorful neon anime characters. There's a lot of pink, especially in the car chase scene. That was some amazing camera work and reminded me a bit of Baby Driver. Also, the music hyped up the movie throughout.

This led to the violent and entertaining fight scenes. This gave some John Wick vibe with some creative use of weapons. In these scenes Mary Winstead was a total badass showing brutality when she kills. She carried every scene and I loved her performance.

The biggest problem of the movie was that I could see 99% of the movie from a mile away. Honestly this didn't affect me as much as it should because I loved the style and action a lot.

Overall, an enjoyable flick despite the predictable story. 7.5/10.

Reviewed by sibleybridges 6 / 10

You've seen it before just not in this combo

This was a La Femme Nikita/DOA situation filtered though live action anime with touches of the current slate of action movies like Atomic Blonde, Hardcore Henry, The Raid, and John Wick.

I guess I don't get the critics being harsher on this than any other action movie of late. Stuff happens. Action happens. Some more stuff happens. Some more action happens. It's a fun romp that dosnt outstay it's welcome. And you get to see a unique fight haircut.

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