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Carl Beukes as Vic Thornhill
Danny Keogh as Clive Thornhill
Craig Macrae as Thornhill Bodyguards
Deon Lotz as Detective Prinsloo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

lesser action thriller

Sawa (India Eisley) is hunting down the Emir who runs a child trafficking ring. She is killing off his criminal associates one at a time. The city is in chaos and underserved by the limited remaining embattled police force. Lieutenant Karl Aker (Samuel L. Jackson) is one of those few and he's helping the young female vigilante. Her parents were murdered and her father was Karl's police partner. She takes a drug for PTSD which causes memory lost.

This South African action thriller is derivative of many hot girl turned assassin flicks. It has the obligatory hot chick in a neon colored wig. The locations are grim, dirty, and reminiscent of those 90's city hell-scape movies filmed in Canada. It's a step above but it does grind the movie down. It is still interesting to have a different look from South Africa where even the windows look slightly different. In addition to the derivative story elements, my biggest issue is the drug. It's a giant red flag right from the beginning. It's too much. The clue is too big. It should be slowly revealed over the time. As soon as the memory lost is mentioned, the twist becomes obvious right away. It's another thing that grinds down the movie as I wait for the inevitable predictable turn.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10


The film takes place in a future apocalyptic type world which has limited government. Crime is big and children are a commodity. Sawa (India Eisley) is a teen "extra-judicial assassin" (Like Hit-Girl but more dark). Her goal is to kill The Emir (Zane Meas) the man who killed her parents. Her father was a policeman. His former partner Karl Aker (Samuel L. Jackson) and the boy in the hoodie (Callan McAuliffe) aid and abet her actions. Sawa has a drug problem. She is addicted to a drug called "amp" which makes one feel invincible while at the same time fogs the memory.

The film is based on Japanese animation. The scenery is drab by design for contrast. Sawa seems more lucky than skillful. She easily overpowers guys three times her puny size. Samuel L. Jackson played his role as expected, but didn't have a memorable line. Dialogue was bland.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs or nudity. Near sex. Lots of violence. Brains getting blown out.

Reviewed by deathshadow60 1 / 10

Completely misses the point

An R rated Kite is a bit like making a PG rated Robocop. The original is a Hentai -- that's pretty much the only reason it even existed is to be Porn.

There is no deeper meaning, the original is a graphically explicit "story" about an underage girl's sexual abuse by a pair of serial rapist cops. The presence of a "story" or even a SETTING is window dressing.

You remove that from the movie, and there's nothing left because everything else in the original was an EXCUSE to fill the rest of the time.

What's next, a PG rated version of Urotsukidōji? A G rated version of Akira?

Ghost in the Shell starring ScarJo? Oh...

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