Land of the Dead


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 94441


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Christopher Allen Nelson as Veteran Soldier
Eugene Clark as Big Daddy
Joanne Boland as Pretty Boy
Alan Van Sprang as Brubaker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kimberlyhilliard 6 / 10

Not a Horror Movie

I love horror movies. I love zombie horror including Dawn of the Dead. Night of the Living Dead was okay. Dawn of the Dead was so good because it introduced us to true zombie horror and gore and there has since been no comparisons. It's difficult to scare us now with cheap zombie gags. It's boring. Land of the Dead lacks true creativity. It should have been made over 10 years ago then maybe it would be more than just average. This movie is AN OUTDATED IDEA. It lacks today's suspense and horror. Sure it is a social commentary but this is Hollywood not a political rally. Romero used dated ideas with dated gags. We've seen more than zombies devour human flesh. In fact, the gore scenes should have been used to help with the scares. One thing that this movie lacked was character. When we watch good horror movies we can't help but jump when Jaime Lee Curtis jumps in Halloween. I don't remember any of the characters names or any particular character scene that stood out. Spoiler: The smart zombie should have had his moment in the end only. Instead he's rallying the troops throughout the movie...bad, bad, story because now he's no longer scary or intimidating. Spoiler: Whats with the line of zombie at the pier. Zombies don't get in a soldier style formation when only 1 of them can somewhat think. Spoiler: Too much smart zombies make no scary zombies. Spoiler: Why would Dennis Hopper depend on band of misfits to do work including run most important offensive/defensive weapon (truck) rather than the well trained, paramilitary dressed, soldiers. Spoiler: The movie would have been more entertaining with the misfits trying to save a sighed city than showing the ruin-the-zombie picnic scene in the end. Romero did stick to his slow moving zombie tradition. I personally think he should have stepped it up. If they can get smarter, then they can get faster. This would have elevated the suspense and chases dramatically. I believe Romero should have used a scare to surprise us with zombie developments rather than waste movie time to explain the story. OVERALL i rate it a 6 because i seen a lot worst and i can understand Romero's attempts, yet and still isn't this suppose to be a horror movie?

Reviewed by mjw2305 8 / 10

Romero's latest Zombie flick is a winner

Zombies have taken over the world in Land of the Dead, the remaining survivors live within a walled city to keep the dead out. A revolution is brewing in a plan to overthrow the city. but outside the walls the zombies are developing their intelligence.

The plot kind of sounds a bit lame, but it really does work well and this is a zombie flick that can be taken quite seriously. Romero has again created something great on a tight budget, and he has done well to make it look good, with some great make up effects. The cast are all pretty good, there are some good characters and the dialogue is effective.

Overall Land of the Dead delivers all out zombie action that's great for fans of the genre, good work George.


Reviewed by Blkpetal 2 / 10

Complete Disappointment!

This movie was terrible! The storyline - can't use the word plot as that would give it too much credit - was tedious! Some say it was a great perspective on class? Are you kidding me!!! From the HORRIBLE acting to the complete and utter Lack of dialog, characters changed motives, desires and allegiances so quickly without any second thoughts. Plus, a lot of scenes just plain didn't make Any Sense!

*SPOILER* I realize that the two troops were sent up to keep an eye on our main characters but why in the world did the big guy suddenly knock out that woman?!?! What was with that? The gratuitous female-on-female scene? What purpose did that serve? Only the one zombie guy seemed to be learning anything and leading the troops yet was able to avoid huge blasts from explosives while zombies around him exploded? These characters have such amazing aim at such strange points but then they can't kill this One Zombie? And everyone in the van just blindly follows Choro but then immediately switches alliances? And what was with the girl who was ready to nuke the entire city but then, when asked to fire on a bunch of zombies and half-eaten civilians all of a sudden she has a heart? Plus, even after Choro turned into a zombie he was able to carry out his revenge? Not only was he able to remember to kill that CEO guy but also he was able to find him that easily? And what was with the horribly, cheesy ending where they just want a place to live?!? Uh, hello, have we forgotten that THEY ARE DEAD!!!! Kinda the Premise of the movie!!!

Oh I just was SO disappointed - and I gotta say, I didn't have high expectations or anything, I just couldn't believe how bad it really was. My boyfriend and I looked at each other after the movie and were so angry - he had been particularly excited about this one and I thought the idea that the zombies would possibly be learning something well that was neat. OH SO SAD when a Great series like this jumps the shark!

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