Last Chance Cafe


Action / Crime / Family / Romance / Thriller

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Top cast

Kevin Sorbo as Chance Coulter
Jessica Amlee as Kiley Boyer
Kate Vernon as Hallie Boyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sandcrab277 1 / 10

heaven forbid

Apparently anyone that attacks kevin sorbo gets all the wrath women can muster .. he's arrogant, nosy and plain stupid to boot ... he also has a difficult time dealing with strong female leads like kate vernon which is too bad because she needs help ...whether she will get it from him is up in the air.

Reviewed by sol-kay 6 / 10

You can't say no to these people!

***SPOILERS*** The movie "Last Chance Café" is saved by the almost effortlessly acting of its star Kevin Sarbo as rancher and horse breeder Chance, or one chance in a million, Coulter. Sarbo is so likable that he seems almost out of place in the film that calls for him to have it out with the West Coast Mafia who are tracking down his girlfriend Hallie Boyer, Kate Vernon, and her 11 year-old daughter Kiley, Jessica Amlee.

Both Hallie and Kiley end up at Chance's Ranch when they check out of town, L.A, in fear for their lives. It turns out that Hallie got hold of a sh*t-load of documents that not only implicated her ex-husband Paul Boyer, John Novak, the local district attorney but almost every judge and politician, as well as the police commissioner, in LA county in being in the pocket to the Mafia! This, the secret documents, had already cost Hallie's father's, an ex L.A cop, life and will soon cost the life of his good friend and fellow L.A retired policeman Charlie Long (Scott Hylands), who gave Hallie the document, as well.

It's at "Chance's Pace" and the nearby "Last Chane's Café" that both Hallie and Kiley find a new lease on life in being away from all the troubles that they left behind in L.A. That's until a desperate Paul tracks them down and things start to get really out of hand. In that Paul needs to get his hands on the secret documents that Hallie has or else not only his future as a big city district attorney but his very life is kaput!

Not that convincing of and ending with Chance coming to both Hallie, who had since fell in love with him, and Kiley's rescue despite getting shot an left for dead by Paul! It seemed that the frantic Paul was using blanks, in that Chance was totally unhurt after the shooting, instead live bullets during the shoot-out.

Despite both Chance & Hallie getting hitched, with Hallie's Mafia pursuers no longer in the picture, at the end of the film the most heartwarming event to take place was the "Last Chance Café's" owner and short and long order cook Madge Beardsley,Samantha Farris, finally finding the man of her dreams! Selling the place to Hallie, who turns out to be a master chief, Madge takes off with the handsome and rugged trucker Garvin Cross who's been a regular customer at her café for the least three years! Madge was so busy looking for the right man in her life on the internet match-making sites that she didn't see him when he was right in front of her ordering Madge's delicious home-made apple pie and meatloaf!

Reviewed by juneebuggy 3 / 10

Except for Kevin Sorbo, terrible on all counts

I'm confused by all the good reviews actually because except for Kevin Sorbo this is almost unwatchable. Bad acting, poorly written script (even though its based on a romance novel by Linda Lael Miller) low budget sets, terrible sound editing, ridiculous dialogue and a jumpy (yet predictable) plot -as it cuts back and forth to the "bad guys". Even by Lifetime standards this was a mess.

The only reason I managed to stick with this at all was because there was something kinda sexy about Kevin Sorbo. He plays an easy going rancher and as well as being able to act even manages to create some chemistry with (Kate Vernon) who one-dimensionalizes her way through her role as his love interest 'Hallie'.

The story follows Hallie as a woman on the run, fleeing her dangerous ex-husband and some other corrupt men in suits. When her car breaks down in a small town, a friendly guy named Chance Coulter (seriously) takes Hallie and her young daughter in, giving them a place to stay and finding her a job at the "last chance café" while she awaits car repairs and the audience waits for (A) them to fall in love and (B) the bad guys to show up. 3/8/15 Langley B.C as somewhere small-town USA

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