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Taylor John Smith as Brian Patterson
Diana Hopper as Sarah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stjeanclaudel 1 / 10

Disappointing Remake...

The original Martyr is quite a masterpiece this is almost an insult to it...

Reviewed by christinapichler 2 / 10

Less violence, less emotion, less quality

Being a huge fan of the French 2008 movie "Martyrs", I had strong doubts about the quality and necessity of a remake. Still I tried to push all those negative feelings aside and give the movie a fair shot.

Like the original, it starts out when the young girl Lucy escapes from a terrible situation unknown to the viewer. She lands in an orphanage where she meets her best friend Anna while being haunted from the past. Ten years later, Lucy kills a family claiming they are her former capturers.

One aspect I love about the French version is, it basically consists of two stories with the turnaround in the middle of the movie. The remake adapts the first half of the film more or less faithfully though clearly worse than the original and the second half deviates completely from it. With those drastic changes it feels more like one consisting story rather than two. They tried to create a new story instead of copying the French movie shot for shot and the attempt of doing so I appreciate about it. Still the second part fells illogical and is a mess. For me it does not work and felt even cheesy sometimes.

The acting is not exceptional but also not terrible. It has some beautifully shot scenes but there is some shaky cam in it which is bothering. Furthermore the movie is a lot less violent and gory which basically is okay but leads to some illogical moments in the second half. Also there are some genuinely boring moments considering the short running time and overall it is a lot less emotional than Pascal Laugier's Martyrs. Especially an aspect from Lucy's struggle with the past is left unresolved and you care a lot less about her.

Over all, I think someone who has not seen the French version or does not like extremely brutal movies can watch this toned down version and might actually enjoy it for its story. Fans of the New French Extremity masterpiece should stay away from the remake and everybody else I clearly advise to check out the former one!

Reviewed by Argemaluco 4 / 10

Martyrs (2015)

Even though I watched the original Martyrs various years ago, it's a film which is impossible to forget. That's why I knew beforehand that its North American remake would never reach the same levels of violence, intensity and anguish reached by the French version... something I would have tolerated if co-directors Kevin and Michael Goetz had respected the spirit of that brilliant film and its overwhelming atmosphere of cruelty and hopelessness. Unfortunately, that was the first thing which got lost in this "light" version, which could basically be considered "PG-13" if it wasn't for some moderately bloody scenes, which could have been eliminated without any problem, because they don't fix all the things which were decomposed in this diluted interpretation. And that's where my comparison between both versions ends because, to be fair, Martyrs (2008) didn't receive too much diffusion, and I estimate that Martyrs (2015) will be a novelty for many spectators, so I will do my best to evaluate it on its own merits. I found it a bad film, but I will at least grant it that courtesy. To start with, I found the screenplay of Martyrs (2015) poorly written, specially during the second half, when something happens which brusquely alters the premise and introduces absurd concepts, until getting to an insipid conclusion. Among the very few positive things I can say about this remake, I can mention the decent performances from Troian Bellisario and Bailey Noble. Despite them, I found Martyrs (2015) an absolute waste of time. Even taking it as an individual horror film, it's an absolute failure. Anyway... I hope the next step isn't some remake of À l'intérieur suitable for the family schedule of Lifetime.

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