Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Andrew Bongiorno as Captain Perkins
Debbie Gibson as Emma MacNeil
Hannah Levien as Sandy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackson Booth-Millard 1 / 10

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark

The first film in the series, Giant Octopus, was rubbish, as was the sequel, Crocosaurus, the low-budget Mega Shark movie franchise, made before the awful Sharknado series, continued with this third instalment of nonsense. Basically a tugboat pulling a huge iceberg arrives at a port in Alexandria, Egypt, but the iceberg shatters and releases a megalodon from suspended animation, it begins to reign terror, flipping the tugboat, launching it miles away to Giza and decapacitating the head of the Sphinx. Countries worldwide put their ports on lockdown, and the United Nations propose to develop a weapon to combat the shark. At Pearl Harbor, Jack Turner (Stargate SG-1's Christopher Judge) and Rosie Gray (Elisabeth Röhm) will pilot Mecha Shark, a new untested prototype submarine that resembles the megalodon. The megalodon is confirmed to be in the South China Sea, battleships the USS Charles and the USS Charles Davis rendezvous with the Mecha Shark to attack the mega shark, torpedoes are launched, but the Virginia is inadvertently sunk. Following the failed operation, Jack installs special A.I. named "Nero" (Paul Anderson) into Mecha Shark's computer system, while the megalodon strikes the AR Event Horizon oil platform off the coast of Australia, triggering an oil spill. While Rosie takes Mecha Shark back into the water to engage with the giant shark, Jack and Admiral Engleberg (Matt Lagan) have a heated argument about whether to seal the oil pipeline or continue the pursuit of the shark, Rosie uses the submarine to seal the leak. Mecha Shark and mega shark then engage in battle, the megalodon is able to swerve a launched torpedo, which ends up hitting and sinking a ship, then another failed torpedo launch causes a landslide, which sends the submarine offline, and knocks Rosie unconscious. The Nero system notifies Jack of the situation, but the submarine manages to blast its way out of the debris, while the shark attacks another of the attack ships and destroys it. With Rosie unconscious, it is suggested that the Nero system can control the Mecha Shark by itself, but when it returns to sea, it is badly damaged by the megalodon. Rosie wakes up, and Dr. Emma MacNeil (singer Debbie Gibson) warns that the shark is heading to Sydney, Australia, Nero goes back online following a malfunction, and heads there to engage with the giant creature. But Nero malfunctions again, this time, the Mecha Shark enters Drone Mode, a fail-safe system programmed to complete its task without the safety protocols, after another attack from the megalodon, the robotic submarine goes back online and determines all humans in sight as a threat. The Mecha Shark goes on a rampage through the city, Emma calls Rosie and suggests luring the malfunctioned submarine back to the ocean, where the mega shark will attack it, the megalodon meanwhile sinks the Charles Davis, killing Admiral Engleberg and everyone aboard. The Mecha Shark is blasted back into the water by a squadron of fighter planes, Jack boards a second shark submarine to help, the shark triggers a dislodged torpedo, destroying both the creature and the Mecha Shark, and Jack reveals to Rosie that he copied Nero's system into a flash drive. Also starring Beejan Land as Roy, Kate Avery as Sergeant Brooks, Hannah Levien as Sandy and Emma Rose Maloney as Stacy. I may have recognised a face or two in the cast, but it doesn't matter, and the special effects are only the tiniest bit improved, but they are wasted, a giant shark versus a robotic shark sub with the personality of KITT from Knight Rider is ridiculous, as before it is awful, a stupid story, and a waste of time science-fiction horror. Poor!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Bad, even by genre standards

MEGA SHARK VS. MECHA SHARK is another giant monster flick from The Asylum boasting Z-grade CGI effects and a really stupid plot. It seems to homage TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA in the tale of a giant megalodon terrorising mankind, leading scientists to build a giant mechanical shark to combat it. The story is cheesy and stupid, a mixture of bad actors delivering cheesy lines and really badly animated scenes of destructive mayhem. Even monster fans will find little to tempt them here.

Reviewed by Stevieboy666 4 / 10

Utterly stupid but somehow watchable

Part of a series of "Mega Shark" movies from The Asylum, this is the best of the bunch, but as the others are just so awful that's certainly not a recommendation! A 200ft shark can destroy giant warships, oil rigs, even has the potential to jump high into the sky & take out aircraft, all with great ease. Really??!! Yet somehow the only answer to kill this creature is to build a giant mechanical shark, which can amazingly be piloted by a single person! MASSIVE plot holes in here, too many to mention, though I will point out that in Australia, where much of the action takes place, vehicles drive on the left, NOT the right! Oh well, this is a crappy Asylum movie. The reasons why I have very generously rated this 4/10 however are down to the CGI being slightly better than in many other such bad creature movies, the film moves at a fast pace & in particular the relationship of the two lead characters, who happen to be a married couple (in the plot). Somehow this just about saves it.

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