Men of War


Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 3777

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Dolph Lundgren as Nick Gunar
BD Wong as Po
Catherine Bell as Grace Lashield
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ipkevin 10 / 10

Incredible. The best mercenary movie ever made.

I rented this expecting a stupid but violent Dolph Lundgren direct-to-video action thriller. Well, it's violent alright, but it is by no means stupid. In fact, I'd say this is the best direct-to-video action movie ever made, and at the very top of Dolph Lundgren's filmography. The general outline of the plot - Mercenaries assault tropical village to muscle mining rights from the villagers, but then mercenary has a change of heart and helps defend the village - is eminently cliche of course. Previous mercenary classics Dogs of War and The Wild Geese already have similar plots. But the execution is marvellous! What did you expect with the great independent filmmaker and famed scriptdoctor John Sayles writing the script on this one? The movie doesn't rely pure action to raise your blood pressure - All the time spent building the relationships and personalities pays off big time when it comes to the showdown. Real dramatic tension in a direct-to-video Dolph Lundgren flick! Who'd have expected it? The dialogue is smart and knows when to laugh at itself when it gets too cliche or macho. The director and cinematographer do great work as well, very stylish without resorting to cheap "music-video-style" tricks so common these days. And don't worry about the action, there isn't much at the beginning, but the last 30 minutes or so is one huge long action sequence. Best of all, it doesn't pull any punches. Maybe its direct-to-video status allowed them to show more, I don't know, but this is a helluva violent film. You see the results of the violence and it's anything but pretty. I loved this film. Go find it at the video store, it's worth it. The only negative is that the tape is pan&scan and there's no widescreen/letterbox version available on DVD. The compositions seem a bit cramped, especially during the action scenes. Anyway, go see it, and keep any eye out for some cool actors in the supporting roles - BD Wong, Catherine Bell of tv show "JAG" fame (playing a hardass mercenary chick no less!), etc. I hope the studio releases a widescreen DVD soon!

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

A troop of commandos-for-hire led by Dolph Lundgren are sent to an island to submit natives

Commando adventure in which ex-Special Force mercenaries carry out a dangerous mission set in a Thai island . This action-packed picture concerns upon a bunch of commando-for-hire who is assigned by two businessmen as financial backers to obliterate a little group of natives (B.D. Wong , Charlotte Lewis , among them) at an island of Thailand . But the financiers hire another bunch as back-up , in case they run into problems . The commando is led by a tough, two-fisted mercenary (Dolph Lundgren) . He contacts an inmate (Tommy Lister) , a soldier-woman (Catherine Bell) and several more (Tom Wright, Don Harvey, Anthony John Denison, among others) . The adventure starts when the expert band of mercenaries disembarks on the coast and goes to deep inside the jungle to destroy the village . But they decide to defend rather than destroy the inhabitants of the far island . As they help out the jungle's natives against other mercenaries( Trevor Goddard , Aldo Sambrell). The mission meets unexpected turns and twists when they're betrayed by their financial backers . Meanwhile they find some caves in middle of jungle where encounter the valuable Guano or bat's crap .

This fast-paced film packs adventures , large-scale blow-up, routine plot , drama , and lots of action for the most part . Based on the interesting screenplay by prestigious John Sayles , a magnificent writer and director . Has some weak moments which break up the continuity of the movie but generally is a good story and well told . It results to be a graphical depiction of a team of professional mercenaries driven by nothing but quest for power and money , being commanded by Dolph Lundgren in one of the best roles . Large support cast formed by various actors who subsequently would get successful careers as Thomas Gibson (Criminal minds) , Catherine Bell(JAG) , Don Harvey , Kevin Thige , Trevor Goddard and several others . Cinematography by Rohn Schmidt is quite nicely , capturing the atmosphere of everywhere , from Thailand to a pretty cool jungle , furthermore some stirring images filmed with camera above the shoulder . Vibrant musical score fitting to action by Gerard Gouriet . The motion picture picture is well realized by Perry Lang who also plays a secondary role . This is his second and last movie -the first was ¨Little Vegas¨- subsequently Lang would direct numerous TV episodes as ¨ Millennium, Charmed, One tree hill , Everwood, Alias, Weeds. .¨

The film was made in the wake of ¨Mercenary sub-genre¨ as the classic ¨Wild Geese¨ by Andrew McLagen with Burton, Moore and Richard Harris and ¨Wild Geese II¨ , plus ¨Dogs of war¨ by John Irvin with Christopher Walken and recently ¨Tears of the sun ¨ with Bruce Willis and Monica Belucci and many others . Rating : 6,5 . Better than average. Well worth watching .

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

A bit preachy, but the all-action extended finale really works

This is a typical gung-ho action outing of the early '90s. This era of 'guy cinema' was pretty stupid, probably best envisaged by Van Damme's DOUBLE IMPACT, a film which managed to be fully entertaining despite being as cheesy as hell. MEN OF WAR is a similar combination of the absurd and the effective, although not as good as the earlier movie. This one sees Dolph Lundgren basically filling the same boots as Schwarzenegger in COMMANDO: he's an ass-kicking soldier, tooled up to the teeth, battling enemies in the jungle. Except none of this really takes place until the last half hour, and before then we have an hour of plot set-up and environmental/ecological nonsense in the script. It's pretty much devoid of any good or memorable moments, just some outlandish acting from a cast that includes Trevor Goddard, reaching a new low with his 'Cockney' accent.

The extended finale of this film, however, doesn't disappoint. It's violent, gory and mean-spirited, as the majority of the cast are mown down and die creative deaths. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the good old fist fight between the chief hero and the chief villain. The plot twist of having former allies become deadly enemies was also novel and well-handled, I thought, allowing the bad guys to be more fleshed out than you usually find in these type of films. Still, it's not great because the acting is so bad – from wooden Lundgren to wrestler Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, as well as old-timer Kevin Tighe and henchman Don Harvey. Charlotte Lewis (DIAL: HELP) is just here purely for her nude scenes, and displays no acting ability whatsoever. If you're in the mood for an OTT action flick with a high level of violence and don't mind goofiness throughout, then you'll probably have a ball with this one.

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