Mind Blown


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.9 10 388

Keywords:   disaster movie

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Luke Goss as General White
Monique Parent as Lab Tech
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by m-42653 3 / 10

Five minutes. That's all you need.

You only need five minutes to change to another movie. Anyone. Or turn off your TV/computer/tablet/cell phone. It's better than see this movie.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Nothing to see here

Another amateurish TV movie from the SyFy Channel. This one's about an evil government organisation inhabited by people with psychic powers that have the ability to control the weather and cause huge devastation. Some of the members of said organisation discover their scruples and go on the run, pursued by former colleagues. As usual with this genre, this is a mere mish-mash of sci-fi tropes and ideas, one that barely gets off the ground. It's inhabited by dull actors going through the motions, and a script which seems to have been created by artificial intelligence.

Reviewed by neil-476 4 / 10

Missed opportunity, dropped ball...

Some young people with weather-manipulat8ng psychokinetic powers are in a covert quasi-governmental program with a view to them being weaponised by a drooling megalomaniac military nutcase.

I could see the potential. There was the germ of an idea, and there were some halfway decent effects.

I'll tell you what else there was. Perfunctory writing, with no attempt to build character development, genuine plot progression, engaging dialogue, 9r anything else which might capture an audience. Poor casting and worse acting, especially from the Harrison Ford-lite military maniac, whose ludicrous scenery-chewing performance seemed to have come from another film entirely.

I won't criticise direction and production value. Neither was great, but I got a strong feeling that both were the best which could be done with the resources available. But there was a very much better film to be made here than this one.

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