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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nairtejas 8 / 10

Delightful "Minnunna" Entry of the Superhero Genre into Malayalam

You'll feel a sense of wicked delight originating from the cinematic social milieu that Basil Joseph is so known to masterfully create as you sit down in your living room and watch Baiju and Rajesh Madhavan in their policemen characters waiting in a "thattukada" for a man to give him an earful, perhaps a handful. The man is a poovalan who's supposed to come down to a bus stop to meet his girlfriend. That deed may or may not happen but that is not the point of this fantastic sequence that introduces almost everyone in the film that needs an introduction.

It is therefore this world-building that I want to point out that makes Minnal Murali (Lightning Murali, Mister Murali) a fresh wave into the Malayalam cinema. With equal weightage given to the primary and secondary characters (especially the central duo) and a weaving plot that experiences starting trouble but soon takes off, Minnal Murali maintains a steady pace with a mix of dry humour, heavy drama, and scattered social commentary. None of these take centrestage though as the story evolves into a bona fide superhero template that still doesn't feel trite. The background score and surprisingly well-done VFX were the highlights for me as I sat down being enthralled by the sheer magic in the way the story is written.

Minnal Murali has heralded the superhereo genre with the punch that it demanded and I for one am riding the happy wave. More than anything, this is clever cinema, one that makes you marvel at all the tiny and larger bits of writing that make up this jubilant confluence. Something that you can use to forego the cliched shadow that hangs over the plot sore. You can't miss how the story evolves at a meandering pace, narrating the origin of the evil and the good equally well. Something that I don't see usually in this genre. Watch it, you'll like it.

(Reviewed post embargo on 22 Dec. Watched during its world premiere at the MAMI Year Round Programme.)

Reviewed by SAMTHEBESTEST 7 / 10

Malayalam Cinema's Debut In New-Age Superhero Genre Is A Lesson To Indian Cinema.

Minnal Murali (2021) : Movie Review -

Hollywood is ruling the Superhero genre like no other cinema industry in the world cinema. Right from the 70s when they made Superman and later went realistic with the Batman Film during the late 80s. Marvel and DC both have sucked out everything possible in this genre from original adaptations to reboots to cinematic universe, even the biggest grossers recently belong to the same genre. Indian Cinema has remained far behind in that. We hardly have any memorable Superhero film except for that 90s nostalgia 'Shaktimaan' serial and Hrithik Roshan's Krrish- a child born to Hindi adaptation of Steven Speilberg's groundbreaking 'ET The Extra Terrestrial". It is sad to know that Indian Cinema is not just behind but it's not even trying to crack the formula of Superhero Genre. From now onwards, we won't be able to say that because Basil Joseph has just come up with something astonishing called 'Minnal Murali'. What's more surprising is that this film came from Malayalam Cinema which is a much smaller industry than Bollywood. Malayalam Cinema is simply unmatchable when it comes to content-driven cinema. Forget all time lists, just have a look at 2021. The Great Indian Kitchen, Drishyam 2, Operation Java, Aarkkariyam, Nayattu, Malik, Kuruthi, Home, Kurup and Kaanekkaane, Malayalam Cinema has ruled 2021 like no other cinema industry in India. I'm glad to announce that Minnal Murali has joined this elite club, just a week before year end.

Minnal Murali is Malayalam Cinema's foray into Superhero genre with not so high budget. It's a story about a young tailor Jaison (Tovino Thomas) who gets struck by lightning on a Christmas Eve and gains superpowers after the incident. On the same Eve, a heartbroken fella Venkidi goes through the same incident and gains the same powers. While Jaison uses those superpowers to transform himself into the superhero, Venkidi misuses the powers and the battlefield is set for a grand fight between good and bad. Despite the fictional idea of superpowers, Anirudhan and Matthew's script stays close to reality. It has those conflicts we have in almost every superhero film over the years but still it keeps you engaged with that human-connect. It is a comedy film alright but not much spoofy about the same. Inhad few laugh but not memorable ones.

Performances in the film uplift the quality of the product. Tovino Thomas is so much into the character that after an hour or so you start believing in him as a superhero. Guru Somasundaram presents the best heroic villain you've ever seen in Indian Superhero films. He isn't bad because he loves being an antagonist, he becomes bad because people made him so. That intelligent writing piece gives credibility and reliability to his character. Aju Varghese, Femina George, Harisree Ashokan, Mammukoya and Baiju Santosh add their support in this superbly balanced cast. Minnal Murali is 160 minutes long, which is little bit more than expected but as we know it is coming on Netflix, you don't really mind about the runtime. Surely, it could have been 15 minutes shorter, especially in the first half.

What people seek the most from Superhero movies is Visual Effects and Minnal Murali scores first class grades despite a moderate budget. Had this film got a budget like 'Bahubali' and '2 Point 0', the VFX team would have defeated all Indian films in Visual effects. The action scenes are so intriguing and have got so much intensity in it. The way Guru smiles arrogantly and Tovina looks helpless in front of him, its a great example of how perfect one cinematic frame can be during a big action sequence. Mind-blowing! Basil Joseph has made a visual spectacle with great cinematic sense. The saddest thing that happened to Indian cinema in 2021 is that Minnal Murali was not released on the big screen. This one is a big-screen phenomena. Having said that, it's not gonna make much difference for true cinema lovers who really understand the cinematic aspects of filmmaking. You know Visual grandeur isn't everything, there is a lot more beyond that and you will get to learn that while watching this impeccable superhero drama by Basil. Undoubtedly, the Best Indian Superhero Film so far, and one had to work really hard to surpass it. It's really appalling to know that Malayalam Cinema has made such a fabulous movie without the help of the biggest production banners of India. Truly an Astonishing Achievement for Mollywood but more than that, it's a new beginning for Indian Cinema in the Superhero Genre. Please give a grand welcome to the new Indian superhero, he deserves it more than those typical commercial potboilers.

RATING - 7/10*

Reviewed by arungeorge13 7 / 10

Basil, Tovino, & crew deliver a "superhero" winner! [+72%]

In Minnal Murali, Basil Joseph does what he does best: universe-building. This is indeed India's first superhero film in the truest sense of it. While it does borrow concepts from its western counterparts, Basil and his writers (Arun Anirudhan & Justin Mathew) spend a decent amount of time in building up the protagonist, the antagonist, and their shared universe. In fact, I'd even go ahead and proclaim that Minnal Murali features one of the most well-fleshed out antagonists for any film, let alone a superhero film, in Malayalam. Guru Somasundaram delivers a stunning feat as Shibu, the consistently wronged outsider with a deranged side. Comparatively, Tovino plays a straightforward simpleton named Jaison which he does to perfection, but it's obvious that all the texture is attributed to Shibu. Jaison (who eventually becomes the titular superhero) also gets the typical superhero treatment as opposed to Shibu.

For a film with a moderate budget, the special effects and stunt choreography are both first-rate. Basil utilizes them rather carefully, toying with their presence only when absolutely necessary in the first couple of hours before going fairly bonkers in the final act. Even when the film fully embraces its superhero tropes, the writing sticks to its grounded roots. It doesn't have over-the-top ambitions; even the supposed savior is interested majorly in the plight of his own village and not the whole world, for instance. Basil also picks his supporting cast well: the characters played by Baiju, Mamukoya, P Balachandran, Aju Varghese, Harisree Ashokan, and Rajesh Madhavan are all reasonably well-etched and acted. Special shout-outs go to Bruce Lee Biji (Femina George) and the kid who plays Jaison's nephew.

DOP Sameer Thahir's frames lend Minnal Murali a comic-book-like flavour, while Sushin Shyam's background score is rousing. Shaan Rahman's tracks are a mixed bag, some of which work well because of their appropriate placement. The climactic showdown is when Basil gleefully winks at Marvel/DC entries, but did we really need a child vocally referring to Minnal Murali as a superhero, a Superman comic book lying on the ground, and that shot of him atop a collapsing structure to drive the point home? Nevertheless, I'm glad Basil chose a rather light-hearted tone for the film - it's an entertaining watch for viewers of all ages!

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