Nazi Overlord


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Dominique Swain as Dr. Eris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10

The film's awfulness is the only source of horror here

Hate a vast majority of The Asylum's output with a passion, their output is near-universally maligned (though they have their defenders it seems) and that reception is more than well deserved. Despite a vast majority of their films being weak or worse, many are irredeemably terrible, there is something compulsive about their badness and the curiosity as to whether they are capable of churning out a film that rises above okay. To me they have done, but very, very sporadically.

This film is very close to being down there with their worst. It had a very interesting idea, despite it being derivative it was still one of The Asylum's better ideas, and screws it up horrendously by executing its potential (it even got Tom Sizemore and Dominique Swain on board, and am pretty sure the reason why they agreed to do it was for the money) worse than amateurishly. Hate films that don't look like those all round involved made an effort, that makes me angry, hate films that waste potential and hate films that fail to make what seems to work on paper interesting. This does all three of those things.

Not unexpectedly from The Asylum, the film looks as though it was made in a rush and on the most miniscule budget possible. Just to say, have seen films that were made with not much money and made in less than a month, but they manage to be well done and interesting films with good writing and performances (my recent re-watch of 2011's 'Margin Call' springs to mind, not trying to compare just something that sprung up in my mind just now). So budget and time constraints to me are not excuses for low quality everywhere else. Anyway, the whole film looks drab and made me feel nauseous in a way, the visual effects afterthought-like.

Music is little more than an intrusive slog, with poorly balanced sound quality, and there is no competence at all in the direction. The dialogue is stilted, often over-complicated and incomprehensible, gibberish that makes one cringe in the worst moments. The story fails completely to have any unintentional camp value to make it strangely entertaining for the wrong reasons, it is a lifelessly paced story that takes itself too seriously that it becomes painfully monotonous. The action doesn't seem to have any aim to it.

Again not unexpectedly, the characters are either charisma-void or annoying and not one actor gives a remotely okay performance. Sizemore and Swain look as though they want to be somewhere else and the rest of the cast don't even try to act. To cap things off, the ending was over-the-top ridiculous.

Only small redeeming merit is the first three minutes, which is the only thing to have any shred of quality, but it is only a small chunk, jars with the rest of the film and one questions why it was even there.

Concluding, awful. 1/10

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

Yeah, just another run-of-the-mill mockbuster by The Asylum...

Well, as it usually turns out with movies from The Asylum, then "Nazi Overlord" turned out fully as expected...

That being a ludicrous rip off on the "Overlord" movie. But actually once in a while do The Asylum actually make an entertaining enough mockbuster that is worth watching. "Nazi Overlord" wasn't one of those occurrences, believe you me.

The storyline in the movie was quite adequate and straight forward, although it was so simplistic that it felt like the movie was just running on a singular track the entire way without any curves or ups and downs. That made the movie somewhat predictable and monotonous. However, the ending of the movie, well, let's just say that it was hilarious, albeit stupid and ridiculous, but laughable nonetheless.

As for the acting in the movie, well I was familiar with Tom Sizemore, although he only had a minor part in the movie, for better or worse. I was surprised that Dominique Swain would actually appear in a movie such as this. But she did. And to those fans of her, then I believe that you will definitely take a liking to her appearance in this movie, as it includes some nudity.

As for the entertainment value to the movie, then I can honestly advice you to seek entertainment elsewhere, unless you enjoy watching movies with horrible special effects and without a storyline that actually offers something to think about.

All in all, definitely not among the top ranking of movies spewed out by The Asylum. I am rating "Nazi Overlord" a mere three out of ten stars.

Reviewed by zardoz-13 2 / 10

Son of a Swastika!!!

Abysmal best describes "Nazi Overlord," another of the Asylum's dreadful knockoff movies that desperately lacks humor. This 91-minute, straight-to-video release amounts to a particularly pale imitation of J.J. Abrams' "Overlord," with Jovan Adepo and Wyatt Russell. Naturally, the two pictures share obvious similarities. Each occurs during the historic D-Day landings at Normandy, France, in 1944. Technically, you can classify this World War II movie a secret mission deep in enemy country. Here, an Army Unit is ordered to Romania to bring back a rogue Allied female scientist who has been collaborating with the Nazis. You can also classify "Nazi Overlord" as bare-bones, low-budget, and it looks as if "Fortune Cookie" director Rob Pallatina lensed this movie with a camcorder. An animated graphic displays the fast progress of our heroes make across Europe to their destination. This was transitional device is acceptable because some American, World War II movies used similar transitions. The next time we see them, they are cruising around in a half-track, personnel carrier. This is a far cry from where things started. For a couple of minutes at the beginning, "Nazi Overlord" shows American G.I.s tangling face-to-face with German soldiers on the beach. Undoubtedly, this ranks as the strongest scene in this woebegone World War II travesty. Soldiers start out wielding rifles and pistols, but wind up killing each other with their bare hands, down and dirty, with savage rage. Sadly, for a moment, this knock-off captured the pugnacity of war.

Captain Rodgers (Andrew Liberty of "Sex Tax: Based on a True Story") survives the brutality on the beach, and General Forrester (Tom Sizemore of "Saving Private Ryan") assigns him to lead his unit, with some deserters to locate and bring back the scientist, Dr. Eris (Dominique Swain of "Face/Off"). Incidentally, Swain bares her booty in one scene and her breasts in another. Although she shows up only in the last third, her crazy scientist character breathes a modicum of fresh air into this stale saga. Rodgers confides in Forrester that he feels the least qualified to lead the mission. Nevertheless, the Colonel sends him ahead. After all, the best heroes are always the reluctant ones.

The clueless people that produced "Nazi Overlord" must have never seen an episode of television's "Combat." The American soldiers here stand in the open and make easy targets for Nazi snipers. The M1 rifles look bigger than some of the Americans. There is no sense of camaraderie among these fellows. Few of the characters on both sides make a lasting impression. Fortunately, whoever supplied the firearms knew the range of guns well. Nobody carried anything that wasn't period correct. However, the captain and the lieutenant run around with officer's insignia emblazoned on the front of their helmets. Officers never displayed rank insignia for fear that snipers might exploit this advantage. The dastardly Dr. Eris is working on a Biblical plague and uses locusts to spread it. Unlike "Overlord," none of the German soldiers turn into psychotic zombies. Dr. Eris gets the drop on Captain Rodgers, and they have to witness the atrocities that she performs on her human Guinea pigs. Neither knee-slapping nor disgusting, these scenes simply look idiotic with the victims spurting blood, eventually exploding, with locust swarming around them.

Monotonous from fade-in to fade out, "Nazi Overlord" earns a star for not making the egregrious error of showing an integrated, black & white Army Unit as in "Overlord." Tom Sizemore takes top billing, but he isn't around long. You see him at the outset when he recruits Captain Rodgers and then at the end when he escorts our hero to meet the President. The idea of creating a plague using locust struck me as trivial. The experiments were mediocre and the blood effects were bland. Beware of "Nazi Overlord."

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