Night Claws


Action / Horror

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Top cast

Reb Brown as Sheriff Joe Kelly
Frank Stallone as Testi
Leilani Sarelle as Sarah Evans
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Enjoyable creature feature

A bloodthirsty Bigfoot embarks on a murderous rampage in a small rural community. Earnest and amiable Sheriff Joe Kelly (an excellent and engaging performance by Reb Brown) joins forces with eager Sasquatch expert Sarah Evan (well played with winningly spunky charm by the foxy Leilani Sarelle) to track the beast down. Director David A. Prior, who also co-wrote the compact and compelling script with Fabio Soldani, relates the entertaining story at a snappy pace, offers a few cool bits of funky gore, delivers a couple of nifty surprise plot twists, and even tosses in a smidgen of tasty gratuitous female nudity for good measure. The neat cast of familiar B-movie faces helps a whole lot: Ted Prior as the angry and hostile Charlie Parker, Sherrie Rose as the loyal and smitten Deputy Roberta Glickman, David Campbell as evil big game hunter Hunter Crawford, and Frank Stallone as the vengeful Testi. Art "Sunshine" Wallace contributes a hilarious turn as loopy local drunk Cooter Brown. The Bigfoot looks pretty gnarly. Sodric Dira's polished cinematography provides a nice polished trick. Chuck Cirino's spirited ominous score hits the stirring spot. A really fun flick.

Reviewed by Sandcooler 5 / 10

In search of Bigfoot

"Night Claws" looks like it was really fun to make, with David A. Prior meeting a lot of his old friends again. At this point Prior had pretty much retired, but a young producer by the name of Fabio Soldani gave him some money and sent him back to those woods in Mobile, Alabama where he filmed roughly 102% of his movies. Hell, by this point I'm pretty sure I could be a tour guide in that town. Unfortunately, as fun as this reunion must have been, the joy doesn't translate well to the screen.

This movie is supposed to be about Bigfoot, but he's really just an afterthought. His plot remains unresolved and we barely ever see him. For some reason creature features often have the tendency to add human villains as well, which never works and just takes up precious screen-time from the monster we actually want to see. To add insult to injury, this movie looks really ugly. Most of it is shot day-for-night, which really shouldn't be that obvious when shot by a director who's been at this for three decades. There are amateur films on YouTube who use this technique far better than "Night Claws", which is not a ringing endorsement.

That's not to say the movie is completely without enjoyable moments. The climax is very low on Bigfoot, but high on laughable plot twists and unexpected deaths. Everyone's favorite Norm MacDonald punchline Frank Stallone shows up from nowhere for a cameo so brief I'm pretty sure he left his engine running. Sherrie Rose co-stars as a deputy, but looks way more like a stripper. The best part has got to be the unknown Art James though, who gives us some great line readings as the town drunk who tells us everything about Bigfoot (in exchange for alcohol, naturally). This movie has some decent laughs, but no story progression or coherent action. Given that you don't know what's happening half the time, you'll be looking at the clock regularly.

P.S: The credits read 'no Bigfoots were harmed in the making of this movie'. It deserves an extra star for that at least.

Reviewed by Adamdryman2 10 / 10

Definitely the most bush league film out there

So my friends and I entertain ourselves with good B rated movies from time to time. As soon as we started the movie, we knew it was going to be a wild ride. This movie is action packed from start to finish hitting all the focus points of the plot. Reb brown played an amazing role as he played sheriff. His lines were done so professionally and his acting was off the wall. All in all, he is the best actor in the movie. Great plot and gets straight to the point. If your looking for an adventurous, sci-fi horror comedy, then this is a must see. Great family movie and is amazing date movie. The outstanding visual effects and filters will have your living room full of wild packed action and intensity.

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