Outside the Law



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Don Harvey as Kurt Lewis
Cynthia Rothrock as Julie Cosgrove
Dan Lauria as Detective Froman
Seamus Dever as Rick Michell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rdamian1963 2 / 10

A Z performance B movie

This movie is a combination of a poorly written script, horrible acting and a cliche storyline. The cinematography is horrible. Action sequences are poorly executed and poorly choreographed. If you see this title pass it by.

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10

Very mediocre stuff

Even at the age of 45, Cynthia Rothrock is a superb martial artist, but "Outside The Law" / "Never Say Die" is a mediocre vehicle for her. The plot is completely uninteresting, and the scattered fight scenes don't compensate for that, because a) they are mostly shot in too-tight close-ups, b) the editing is choppy, c) the villains don't offer much of a challenge to Cynthia. Only James Lew is introduced as a worthy opponent, but even their fight scene at the end of the movie is not as long as it should have been. There is an amusing nod to Rothrock's Hong Kong film past ("You can read Chinese?", her friend asks her - "Enough to order from a menu", she responds). Sidenote: when an action film starts with a couple discussing how many kids (and pets) they will have when they get married, you know one of them is not going to be around for long. (**)

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Too poorly shot to be enjoyable

Cynthia Rothrock continues to plod a path through Z-grade material in OUTSIDE THE LAW, an entirely redundant B-movie in terms of originality or on-screen excitement. The only notable thing about this is that it was shot in Puerto Rico, which must have been fun for the cast and crew, but sadly that exotic experience doesn't translate into fun for the viewers at home.

Rothrock plays a disgruntled former secret agent trying to turn her back on her old life. However, she soon gets involved with various hoodlums, and is forced to rely on her fighting skills in order to survive. I don't mind bad stories in action vehicles for stars like this, but I do demand quality fight scenes. Sadly, they're very badly filmed here, choppy and poorly edited throughout, and it's obvious that Rothrock was being doubled half the time.

Even worse, Rothrock's acting isn't too hot, and she's saddled with the stupidest-looking wig for most of the running time. Fellow martial artist Jeff Wincott also appears in a non-fighting role - what's the point of that? - alongside the familiar faces of Stephen Macht (THE MONSTER SQUAD), Brad Greenquist (PET SEMATARY), and Don Harvey (DIE HARD 2).

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