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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 96496

Keywords:   world war ii, 1940s, nazi, france, explosion

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Bokeem Woodbine as Rensin
Meg Foster as Chloe's Aunt
Jacob Anderson as Dawson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aciessi 4 / 10

Over and Under.

In Nazi occupied France, in what I'd say is the same time period Aldo Raine was collecting scalps and chasing after Hans Landa, a ragtag group of paratroopers crash lands near the headquarters of a diabolical science lab where humans are taken against their will to guinea pig a top secret serum that transforms them into super-human zombies.

Overlord is exactly the kind of film you'd expect to see in the early 80's in the naughtier section of the video store. A WWII-set, Science-Fiction blood binge made for midnight viewings... or at least, that was the intention. Overlord, the actual film, has trouble expressing itself in this way. At times it takes itself too seriously. Other times, it goes for the gross out moment, but never takes it far enough. Overlord seems to be afraid of it's own shadow. It should've been more outrageous, more shameless and more hard-R that it is here. A worth while effort, and far from a cheap cinematic affair, but not satisfying.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10

World War Z

Overlord should had been a fun sleazy Naziploitation horror film.

The Walking Dead meets Private Ryan mash up. Unfortunately the film does not gel.

It is an unpretentious low budget World War 2 horror film but it lacks zombies. It should had been heaving with the undead.

As part of the D-Day invasion. Paratroopers are on a mission to destroy a radio tower in a church in France but their plane is shot down. The survivors are helped by a local woman who is pestered by a local Nazi chief for sex.

The soldiers discover that the Nazis have been carrying out sinister experiments with the locals in the church. A mysterious serum can bring life back to the dead.

It takes a while for the schlock horror film to liven up and is not nearly as fun as it set out to be. It needed the cheeky verve such as the scene where a nazi is despatched back to base on a motorcycle with a tape on his mouth and a grenade inside.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

One of the better Nazi horror flicks

OVERLORD is another addition to the small but ever-growing subgenre of Nazi-themed horror movies, which usually involve zombies and the like. It's similar in plot and tone to FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY but more mainstream and less grindhouse in feel, although it still proves a gritty and gruesome adventure. I think the idea of American paratroops facing zombie experiments during the D-Day invasion is a great one, so this had to handle the concept really badly for me not to enjoy it. However, it's all good. The main characters are interesting and generally likeable; the villains are nasty and scheming; the zombies themselves sufficiently icky and horrible. Extensive CGI is used to depict certain fiery moments and the effect is chaotic, which is as it should be. Despite copious bloodshed this goes down the action rather than horror route, and works well in that regard despite cliches popping up regularly. I enjoyed it.

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